Games Are Evil Review: Warriors: Legends of Troy

For Koei fans, this is what would happen if Dynasty Warriors and God of War had a baby. It has the boss battles and gore of a God of War game with all the button mashing that Dynasty Warriors fans love. Unfortunately, when two beautiful people get together they always seem to make an ugly baby.

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roblef2797d ago

This is not a game I'd every buy. I'd still not buy it, to be honest.

bgrundman2797d ago

This game looks terrible!!!

MagicGamer2797d ago

Yeah, I don't think I would give it the time either.

angstygaijin2797d ago

Yeah, this type of game isn't really my cup of tea. Plus, when you borrow so many gameplay mechanics from other games/series, your execution has to be on-point or it just doesn't work.

AhmadCentral2797d ago

Dynasty Warriors 7 is so much better than this