Online built from day one, "really lag free," say Mortal Kombat devs

PSU writes, "Mortal Kombat was designed from day one as a robust, fully-featured online experience, said the NetherRealm development team during a conference call with PlayStation Universe. ... Since online fighting games live and die by their net code, the Mortal Kombat online team developed code that pulls 'every possible bit' of gameplay data and sends it in individual packets. The end result of two years of planning is a system that's as efficient as possible, ensuring the best possible online connection between two players."

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js7262800d ago

If there's one thing that they need to get right with this, it's the online play. So many people will just leave this game behind if the online isn't satisfying.

fluffydelusions2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

Agreed, and king of the hill mode looks awesome!

BlackTar1872800d ago

Im a serious fight fan and i hope people don't just leave the game behind after a week just cause :)

BlackTar1872800d ago

I would love a n4g system where you can see who agrees with you and who doesn't so there is no gray area.

cr33ping_death2800d ago

i hope they count disconnects as a loss. Mk Deception was good but people would pull the plug when they came close to losing so they had a stupidly insane winning streak. Ahhh cant wait for tuesday

bestofthebest2800d ago

its been confirmed that people who disconnect will receive a penalty. I'm guessing that means a loss and more

cr33ping_death2800d ago

sweet. hopefully i can recapture some of the magic i had back when i played mk2 back in the arcades.

MagicGamer2800d ago

Yes, it's so lame that when a person is getting beat they magically have connection problems.

BlackTar1872800d ago

People are definatley sore losers.

Reborn2800d ago

Its even worse when that same player, comes back again.

Danielmccue2800d ago

No game is completely lag free.

Mystickay862800d ago

BlazBlue comes extremely close with their great netcoding.

Sprudling2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

Netcode can only do so much. The biggest reason for lag is the speed of light, and there's not much we can do to improve that.

Jamaicangmr2800d ago

It better be atleast better than the crappy Tekken servers or just like Tekken it will be quickly forgotten.

NarooN2800d ago

I agree that Tekken 5 DRO AND Tekken 6 have some crappy netcode, but they both still have tons of players on them. If both people have a decent ping to each other, it's damn-near lag-free.

Jamaicangmr2800d ago

Tekken DRO was miles better than Tekken 6 and SC4 combined. Yes it has it's issues but i had more fun playing that than i did playing the other 2. Hell i sold my Tekken 6 and just redownloaded T5 DRO. SC4 i don't even play anymore and i was so damn pumped for them thats what hurts me most.

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The story is too old to be commented.