Mortal Kombat Features New Fix for DLC Character Mismatches, Relatively Extensive Story

On Wednesday, we told you about the new Mortal Kombat's King of the Hill mode, which essentially simulates the arcade atmosphere of a group of friends standing around the cabinet, taking turns as the winner stays on.

Well, our friends over at PSU participated in a conference call that same day and were able to get a bevy of new information. Surprisingly, there were still some questions they couldn't answer, even with the game a week away, and questions about the Australia ban and speculation on Fox News reaction were skirted by Warner Bros., but there's still a nice new bundle of information to be had.

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js7262800d ago

Starting to get really excited for this one. I haven't played MK in forever, but I'm thinking I might pick this up on launch day.

Skizelli2799d ago

Don't think. Know. ;) Been following this game very closely since it was announced. MK fanboyism aside, I haven't enjoyed an MK game since Deception, nor have I been this excited or seen this much excitement for an MK game from fans and non-fans alike since MKII. It's been a long road of sub-par 3D incarnations, but it's finally back!

Delriach2799d ago

What fighting games have been plagued by DLC characters? I can't think of any that have DLC that don't allow you to play against others with it. BlazBlue lets you play people that have the DLC even if you don't. MvC3 does as well.

I don't know any other games in the genre with character DLC.

milohighclub2799d ago

Was owning people at the gadget show live, 6 matches without losing a round before deciding to throw in the towel. Won a towel and a fake tattoo sleeve lol. Can't wait to get online with this game. Test my might.

MasterD9192799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

I wish they would have released a demo for 360 though before the game comes out...but I'm still getting it.