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Game Informer Review: Mass Effect

From Game Informer Review "Mass Effect is one of videogames greatest treasures. It's an adventure that is so captivating that you'll be counting the days for the sequel. It takes interactive storytelling to new heights, and brings the player closer to content than ever before. It's easily one of the year's best titles, and one of the most impressive games to date." (Mass Effect, Xbox 360) -

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PS360PCROCKS  +   2912d ago
HELL yeah!! Great review and I guess the little bit about the combat is kind of a bummer that it seems to be easy than super hard, but eh oh well they say it's fun which is what matters. What an amazing few months though from Bioshock, Halo 3 and now Mass Effect, plus PGR4 is scoring well, COD4 is going to be unbelievable, Rock band, GH3, AC...this christmas for the 360 is going to be an insane one. Oh yeah lemme know if you guys want any other reviews scanned from Game informer from this month for any system... \

edit:: who the HELL keeps disagreeing with me!? What in gods name in my comment has anything you could possibly disagree with!?

edit edit:: I posted a story with all of the previews and Reviews and it was approved and than failed, maybe it's against rules or illegal? lol I dunna...anyways anyone looking for the reviews or previews that I posted below, here is the link to my story, it might not be posted but it sure as hell isn't deleted.

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nirwanda  +   2912d ago
have you got a list
thanks for the mass effect scan what other reviews are in the issue
PS360PCROCKS  +   2912d ago
ace combat 6
halo 3
Blazing Angels 2
company of heroes
dirt ps3
nba 08
nba 2k8
nba live 08
orange box
two worlds

condemned 2
god of war chains of olympus (psp)
battlefield: bad company
rock band
uncharted: drakes fortune
kane and lynch
resident evil : umbrella chronicles (wii)
alone in the dark
lost odyssey

and than their is a 3-4 page article on Assassin's Creed as well...
xplosneer  +   2912d ago
Thanks for the list
Blazing angels 2 and Ace Combat 6 please :)
Evil0Angel  +   2912d ago
this is my holiday line up

i will be very very poor
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techie  +   2912d ago
PS360ROCKS you're such an xbot! lol
PS360PCROCKS  +   2912d ago
Thanks Deep you pos3 fanbot! lol I added you by the way to PSN

edit: yeah that makes sense playstation. thanks, it's ridiculous to be honest.

edit:: lmao Deep you got 8 disagrees on our inside joke, lol now that's funny, they all love me :P
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PlayStation360  +   2912d ago
"who the HELL keeps disagreeing with me!? What in gods name in my comment has anything you could possibly disagree with!?"
I believe it's because you said... "this christmas FOR THE 360 is going to be an insane one.". Sony Boys didn't like that. I found out first hand, if you show ANY favor to one system, even if you love both systems, you get a disagree. :P Btw: I'm not one of the dudes who disagreed with you.

"this is my holiday line up... i will be very very poor"
Amen to that bro. Many benefits to owning both systems, but one major flaw, it can empty your wallet fast.

@sak500 1.8: now be fair bro. Boxers do the same thing. However, I'm not positive, but I believe this site has more PS fans than 360 fans. So Boxers tend to get more disagrees than Players. But both of my bros from the 360 and PS3 camps do the exact same things to each other. BTW, I'm not into the whole name calling terms ya'll call each other. But I thought Boxers were lemmings and Players were Droids. Ah well, I don't wanna get in the middle of that. :P

P.S. Your avatar sak500... FRIGGIN' HOTTIE!
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sak500  +   2912d ago
disagrees are by sonyturds who are once again jealous of another steller release on 360. While they wait and get late coming into the next gen gaming. Poor lemmings believe the hype.
MK_Red  +   2912d ago
Thanks PS360ROCKS. Awesome post.
"An expansive quest that toys with your emotions" Can't wait.

BTW, could you please post the Ace Combat 6 review. Thanks.
Gamespot-equals-EGM  +   2912d ago
This Review ===> Definite Hyperbole
I'm sorry but this review sounds like hype to the extreme. Who the hell wants to play a damn geek soap opera set in space anyways? And I heard in this game you fall in love with another guy...give me a f-ing break.

The only people who are going to buy this are uber-Xbox 360 geeks (the ones who get hard-ons just thinking about achievements). The Xbox 360 doing its thing, only catering to hardcore gamers. When will MS get a clue? You can't expand your userbase that way.

Bioshock and Mass Effect....who outside of the Xbox 360 geek (and occasional PC geek) cares about these games? I doubt the mass market does. And if Halo 3 didn't have such a big marketing push, it would fall in the same category.
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secret  +   2912d ago
All american judges on an Olympic panel is a safeguard to bias? It might lead to xbox360 game score inflation...read on.
Would you expect Petunia and Vernon Dursley to proclaim that their son Dudley is great, or do you think that they would proclaim that the outsider Harry Potter is better? You'd normally expect some bias from the Dursleys towards their son.

============================= ============================== = IGN, EGM, GAMESPOT, GAMEPRO are all american magazines, and it's quiet possible that they'd have a bias in their opinions towards an "american" console.

That is the reason you don't see the judge panel in the Olympics comprising of all americans judges. That is why the jury for a African American Male on trial must not all be black people. That's a safeguard against bias.
============================= ============================== = ===========
A clue would be the timing of these great reviews inflating game scores on the xbox360. It all began when the PS3 came to throw down the gauntlet. If there were confidence that the xbox360 could win on merit, there wouldn't be a need for this much favorism to keep it alive. They're trying to protect the xbox360 because they know it can't win by itself.

These are artificial life support systems for an ill console. They are designed to try to save its life. Nothing more.

Gamepro giving the Wii a better score on the game department compared to the PS3? Gamepro giving Resistance Fall of Man a lower graphics score than Marvel Ultimate Alliance on the xbox360? Gamespot rigging screen comparison tests showing the PS3 version by handicapping it at component output only?

If this continues, some people might have to start viewing this as game score inflation on the xbox360 in the same way we view inflation in currency. Please read below the dotted line.

----------------------------- --------
But then it might as well lead to game score inflation in xbox360 country. Like monetary inflation where one US dollar can buy perhaps 1000 mexican pesos, we have xbox360 game score inflation where a game rating of 5 on the PS3 would mean a 10 on the xbox360. A rating of 1 on the PS3 can buy up to 1000 xbox360 pesos game scores.
----------------------------- --------
Turn a blind eye to everything bad. Shine a spotlight on anything good. A building may be all blown to bits, but the door nob still looks shiny. We'll take photographs of the door nob and take pics of the building later.

Anyone who buys an xbox360 is either patriotic or unintelligent. If you didn't buy it because you want to make your country look good, then you must not have a 4.0 grade point average and cannot explain why 2x4 and 4x2 are the same.

I own shares of stock in Microsoft, so I don't mind if you love your console.

I do mind the fact that becuase of you and your HD-DVD stubborness, every movie goer has to sit by the fence until the format war ends, buy both a bluray and hd-dvd player, or be forced to miss out on at least one movie or another. I also don't like the fact that because developers are focusing on the xbox360's limitations and then force feeding whatever's left to the PS3 owners, we'd have to play games without the graphical prowess of say Motorstorm or Ratchet & Clank or Grand Turismo5.

You'd be upset if Microsoft released and HD-DVD xbox360 game console, but then because developers know that more DVD xbox360 owners are out there, they'd develop MASS EFFECT to the DVD potential and then force the HD-DVD version to be identical.

And that's one of the main reasons why Microsoft won't allow the HD-DVD drive to play video games. It would lead to that result.
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techie  +   2911d ago
Haha 14 disagrees! You should really change your name to Xbox360rocks, but you're the biggest xbot of them all! hehe
sak500  +   2911d ago
@playstation360: Thnx. Nice sensible comment +bubbs. I believe sony fanbois are called lemmings cuz they blindly follow what their masters tell them to do. I dunno, picked it up from someone using it on n4g. boxers are called xbots.
poopface1  +   2911d ago
haha 1.10
I cant speak about this game as Its not out yet but bioshokk is an awsome game and easily one of the best single player FPS ever in my opinion. Im glad that microsoft is big on "hardcore" games like this. Ir rather play bioshok then carnival games or ping pong or some weak minigames. It is pretty obvious that microsoft has a pretty good strategy as 360 software sells the most by far.
DG  +   2909d ago
@PS360ROCKS - 14 Oct 2007 10:42
Thanks for the post. Ignore the xbots and sonybots alike. Keep doing your thing bubbles for you friend.
TheExecutive  +   2912d ago
Impressive review, this game is a must have for all 360 owners. Of course we already knew that now didnt we :)
snoop_dizzle  +   2912d ago
18 to 30 hours
is that not including the side quests? Oh well it sounds like there will be alot of replayability anyways so around 50 hours probably. Anyways i really am excited for this game.

This is the game this year that was 1 on my list.
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reaperxciv  +   2912d ago
superb game!
xplosneer  +   2912d ago
Microsoft:hurry up with that 65NM graphics chip and I'm sold! Gosh too many good games coming out this Holiday, I'm broke.

:( Man my computer isn't fast enough to run the COD4 Demo :(
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TheXgamerLive  +   2912d ago
My best friend, he bought the new Halo3 edition console and it's ser.# matched that of the 65 nm chip.
It has the chip and runs super cool, only slightly warm after 6 hrs. of game play yesterday, also it's has the newer HD drive and is super quiet, best I've heard yet in any console or computer.

I was very impressed.

EDIT: Crimson Wolf, Sorry your wrong, your hearing how ps3 version looked better 3 months ago as that version was 3 weeks ahead in design of the Xbox 360 version. Nope, the ps3 version wont look as good when release comes. Go with the Xbox 360 version as textures and lighting and obviously online game play will rule all.
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CRIMS0N_W0LF  +   2912d ago
If you want COD4 I suggest picking PC or PS3 one.

Why? Free online and better texturing and lighting.

Edit: Oh disagrees. Browse this site and you will see what I am talking about.

Retarded fanboys from both sides are annoying.
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xplosneer  +   2912d ago
Yeah Pretty sure that was an upgrade to the CPU chip only, not the GPU. And also they are not all in the premiums yet. So I'll give it a month.
wageslave  +   2912d ago
You dont have to wait for a die-size change. The Xbox 360 heat issues have already been fixed, and we already were told. And we've been seeing the improved hardware for months now.

Motherboard Version 1.1. This Motherboard has fewer components, smaller components, new layout, and a new CPU/GPU mounting methodology.

Look at this: http://www.mainstageclothin...

"Having identified a number of factors which can cause general hardware failures indicated by three red flashing lights on the console, Microsoft has made improvements to the console and is enhancing its Xbox 360 warranty policy for existing and new customers."

from http://www.microsoft.com/Pr...

Microsoft later said at the Tokyo Game Show 07:

"We have made all the improvements in our manufacturing process, All the consoles on the market have those improvements.


Go buy one today without worry -- you'll never regret it.
green_ghost5  +   2911d ago
@ crimson wolf

Your an idiot, the devs have already said, oh I don't know how may times , that the 360 and the PS3 will look IDENTICAL.....Do you know what that means?
Silver360  +   2912d ago
about time damn beeen wanting this game for two years
Glad to see that Bioware is living up to the high expectations that this game has
gw4k  +   2912d ago
Oh baby!
Boys and girls, I am going to get this game!!! Awesome!

The 360 really does have the best lineup in console history!

This winter, I am staying inside, play games until my hands bleed and my wife almost leaves me. :-) ALMOST LEAVES....
PS3n360  +   2911d ago
if your wife leaves you your gonna need those hands for something other than games. My wife doesnt even bother coming into the media room anymore. I am so far gone into game land I think I might need to buy her some flowers or something.
BlazinEurasian  +   2912d ago
I want to play this game.. after reading this review tho I am worried about the gameplay / AI. Hopefully it will be worked out before its released.
jcgamer  +   2912d ago
"Every second of the gameplay offers the visual quality we have come to expect from Final Fantasy cutscenes"
wow..."Bioware's epic also has the richly detailed environments of Gears of War, the deep exploration of Oblivion, and a fictional universe almost as compelling as Star Wars." -WOW "One of the most memorable and unique soundtracks in gaming. It's inspired by 80's sci-fi, yet sounds like nothing you've heard before." Game Informer also says it sets a new benchmark in video game storytelling...day 1 purchase...
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Grinchy  +   2912d ago
according to gamespot
EA now owns the Mass Effect IP. Dunno if it really is true?? This was THE game to make me get a 360, but now.......hmmmm. Looks AWSOME and Bioware really are a class outfit. Enjoyed all their games so far.
_insane_cobra  +   2912d ago
It's true, but Mass Effect remains an Xbox 360 exclusive as it's being published by Microsoft. ME2 and ME3 might become multiplatform games, but that issue remains to be resolved.

EDIT: @TheExecutive

It does. ME2 and ME3 might go multiplatform, but they don't necessarily have to. It depends on the arrangement Microsoft makes with BioWare and EA.
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ElementX  +   2912d ago
Whatever... For a game like Mass Effect, the second and third games might tie in to the same story line. Do you think the sequels would come to PS3 where people haven't played the beginning of the story? Doesn't make sense to me.
TheExecutive  +   2912d ago
just because MS published ME1 does that mean that they hold the rights for eternity? I dont know, but i doubt it. Mass Effect 2 and 3 will go multiplat...
poopface1  +   2911d ago
that would be sweet if.....
mass effect 2 and 3 came out on PS so that more people should play it. being a 360 owner I wouldent be worried of it selling better on the PS. I think that when a company makes a game that is as polished as this it should be enjoyed by as many people as possible and the creators should try to maximise their profits.
DG  +   2909d ago
If you ask me Mass Effect is an exclusive for the 360. As for ME2 and ME3 well that will be on the 720 and PS4 since it takes about what 2 years to do a decent game of this size and late 2010 sounds right for the next xbox. Even if it is who cares enjoy the games now and worry about the future when it comes. Looking forward too far ahead is something only sony bots do (well xbots do it too, I wont discriminate).
Si-Fly  +   2912d ago
Worried ...
Am i the only person reading between the lines of that review? Combat sounds dodgy, problematic AI, we knew the story would be good but i'm now fearing that the more serious gaming press are going to inform us of a game with gameplay not quite as perfect as previews have promised.

Hope i'm wrong because i've been pinning my hopes on playing an amazing rpg over xmas!
snoop_dizzle  +   2912d ago
Game informer is a pretty good magazine, in fact a very respected one, so this game might just actually be so good that it overcomes its issues.

btw i didn't disagree with you.

But yeah we will have to see what others say as well.
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osirisomeomi  +   2912d ago
Well, major game review sites will likely look at this game from a positive viewpoint. I find that to be the case with a lot of xbox games. As such, others will probably say something like 'combat is broken, but cool story. 10/10.'
mesh1  +   2912d ago
ok 1st the game is a hybrid as there has never been a rpg game of this size with free flowing action kotor was not in game action it was kind of turn based this game is about the story and immersiveness into the world and to explore and to role play, action game play comes 2nd not 1st this games delivers10/10
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patriotZero   2912d ago | Spam
FFVIIFan  +   2912d ago
I might have to get this game. I know everyone is raving about it, and it deserves it, but for some reason I don't want to like this game. Just like I didn't want to like Kingdom Hearts for mixing disney and final fantasy, but with all these good things being said I'll have to give it a try. I'll probable end up loving it.
Bigmac573  +   2912d ago
Xbox360 Great Games of 2007 are Done
Playstation is coming.
_insane_cobra  +   2912d ago
It is? The only remaining 2007 PS3 exclusive that has the potential to be great is Uncharted.
Ahmadinejad  +   2912d ago
do i sense sarchasm in ur post or are u outright blind?
power of Green  +   2912d ago
Its hard to understand what this guy means is he talking about ME being the last of 2007(which is fine its coming out in NOV.) or is he saying after MS there will be no other games coming out in 2008 after ME.

Either way he's dead wrong I'v seen plenty of games that could be the Next GoW in the future lineup its always funny how a Sony fan will pick and choose what games they have preference for or think will be great AAA's on the xbox console(and the games Sony fans pick as AAA's for the 360 always have to be on the HAlo scale when a PS3 fanboys pick what games they think will be good as if new IP's can never be successful vs the old pedigree franchises they prize).


#9.1 Mass Effect's Tools and game engine are desinged for the 360's hardware your theory is based off of old EA stradegies EA is obviously trying to change their image and practices(Peter Moore to lead this charge) or else the devs would have never made the deal. You really think Bioware will have time to fiddle with the PS3 while they're developing new content for part one and its sequels?. You really think EA is going to make ports independently of Bioware that are worth playing and worth the time and money to EA they aready have PS3 port issue.

I doubt MSFT will allow ME to slip and Peter Moore should know better but like you said we'll know by the end of NOV after the three parties talk deals.
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jcgamer  +   2912d ago
No, my friend, NPD numbers are coming...NPD numbers are released on October 18 at 6:00 p.m. I believe...pay close attention to that...
Kleptic  +   2912d ago
PoG...not arguing...but what are the rest of the games exclusive to the 360 that are a big deal?...I am not trying to start anything...but I don't know of any others that are even close to this...there is like Ace Combat 6, and a few other run of the mill games...but this is definitely the biggest, and the last big exclusive, for the 360 for quite some time...

I am only commenting because I am curious...There were three games this year that were my fence jumpers for buying a 360...Bioshock, Halo 3, and ME...bioshock...ended beating it twice on a friend's PC, while it was great...not worth a 360 just for that game...then Halo 3...couldn't get into it anymore for all kinds of reasons...and now ME...which still looks promising, but what was with this review?...he basically said it has a great story with impressive visuals...and boring gameplay...I know he wasn't that harsh, but he pointed out numerous things that point to not so fun action sequences...

so what is after ME?...Gears 2?, which won't be a for a long while...Halo Wars?...not for me at all, I will still be stuck on starcraft 2...

there are huge games coming out this year...but most are multiplatform, which is why I am a bit confused on why everyone keeps thinking the 360 has the best lineup for this fall...the PS3 has most of the same games, and a few exclusives of its own that have plenty of potential...not to mention 2008 having too many to count...or is it more of a matter of "COD4 will be best on 360" type arguments, and that is why the 360 has the best lineup?...again...just asking...
poopface1  +   2911d ago
I can see as to how you might be excited for the PS3 next year with metal gear but that all I really would want. Xbox will continue to have awsome games next year to. You forgot the best next gen game ever NINJA GAIDEN 2 and that aint on PS3. And I think any fool caould compare games on 360 NOW with PS3 NOW and say 360 has more quality games. not that they appeal to everyone or anything like that but Im sure ace combat 6 a run of the mill game, acording to you, will be a better playing and looking game that ps3s run of the mill game like lair.
Kleptic  +   2911d ago
thanks for the reply...

I guess I am more pointing towards game I would want to play...I played every version of the Xbox NG...and NG sigma...and while NG 2 looks to have some great limb slashing...calling it the greatest "next gen" game is one of the most ignorant things I have ever heard...it hasn't shown one thing that is genre defining in any way...that terrible demo of conan that launched last week has every bit of the limbs flying...while NG2 will be faster, nothing has been shown of it doing anything else that impressive...yet...

while thank you for bringing up Lair as a dig...I didn't say Ace Combat 6 would suck...I simply said with the lineup of games this fall and early next year it will hardly get noticed...doesn't mean it won't be a great game...but I don't think it will be something everyone will talking about...

So yeah...NG2 will be big also, forgot about that one...as far as MGS4 for me personally, that is one of about 10 at least...ME might be enough to get me to buy a 360...maybe not...NG 2 won't for me...and this is all simply my opinion...all I was asking was what is so huge about this year into next for the 360?...everyone is writing off the PS3...but by saying things like "with COD4, Rockband, and GTA IV next year...the PS3 is done"...and then smart people reply with "what?"...
Whoooop  +   2912d ago
I'm officially envious of this game :)
id dot entity  +   2912d ago
Awesome review! Can't wait to finally play this game.
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jack who  +   2912d ago
yet another reason ps3 is crap.....

keep the AAA comein godbox 360..
_insane_cobra  +   2912d ago
The recent surge of amazing games on the 360 doesn't automatically make the PS3 crap, not even in comparison, although it does make the 360 even more awesome than it already was. :)
jack who  +   2912d ago
than am guessin you one of them ppl that paid 600$ for a gamein system that lacks AAA games?
_insane_cobra  +   2912d ago
No, and I don't plan on getting it for at least two more years, but that doesn't mean I think it's "crap".
#19.3 (Edited 2912d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
ukilnme  +   2912d ago
Here we go again.
There is no reason to call the PS3 crap. It has some nice things going for it and I plan to have one by Christmas. Be happy that the 360 has what looks like is going to be a great game and stop with the childish comments that continue to make this site go down the drain. I can't stand haters.
TheExecutive  +   2912d ago
jack who you are a an idiot... That may be the dumbest most illogical, worthless post I have ever read on these forums. How does a good game coming out on one system prove anything about another system... seriously stupid. wow.

EDIT: lol I wonder who disagreed with me :)

Here is poor Jack tied up on the playground...

Related image(s)
#19.5 (Edited 2912d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
jack who  +   2912d ago
@TheExecutive thankx for that pic of me have been lookin for it 4 a long time now....

n ps just cuzz u wonder who disagreed with u i wasnt one of them.
Daxx  +   2912d ago
Tis' the season to be jolly. :D
frank jaeger  +   2912d ago
this game looks awesome, IDC wat ps3 fans say this is not gona b another lair , its reall promising and i belive it will give us the result we are expecting...

nuff saidz
xplosneer  +   2912d ago
PS3 fans, like myself, say Wow great game.
Ps3 FanyBOYS say it's going to be another lair.
jcgamer  +   2912d ago
we know the majority of you ps3 only guys are good guys...gamers should all praise AAA, regardless of platform...and with the EA deal, you guys should be paying attention anyway, keep it real...I'll return the favor and say that uncharted looks awesome too bro...bubble up man for being honest...
TheExecutive  +   2912d ago
Yeah I only have a PS3, I am waiting for MS to clear up some issues before I buy the 360. Anyway, LAIR was terrible... to compare that game to this one should be a crime.

When I get a 360 this is the 1st game I am gonna buy, until then enjoy guys!
xplosneer  +   2912d ago
Quite literally JCGamer
I see Nasim is going to say "They got bribed" then the PS3 version of ME2 will come(if it does) and it'll get a 10/10 and Nasim goes "I told you this series was awesome!"
PS360PCROCKS  +   2912d ago
k guys this is a hot story I understand but let's all venture over to the pending news section and approve my other 3 stories. Their is an Assassin's creed game informer article, a Metal gear solid article and practically every preview and review from Game informer this month, so lots more for you to all check out and make you happy.
frank jaeger  +   2912d ago
agreed ... moving on...
CrazzyMan  +   2912d ago
This game won`t come to PC.
i think everyone know that and really believe in that. =)
computerjeff05  +   2912d ago
Another great Microsoft exclusive, thank you MS!!! Sorry PS3 fanboys.
SimmoUK  +   2912d ago
good game...
looks like another good game for 360, one problem though sci fi stuff doesn't intrest me at all and i'm not sure how much of the ps3 fanbase likes that type of thing, 360 is more of a hardcore gamer machine where i'd prefer to have multiple genre's..
PS360PCROCKS  +   2912d ago
did you seriously just praise than completely knock Mass Effect subtly all in the same post? That's quite a feat my friend..."i'm not sure how much of the ps3 fanbase likes that type of thing" Um sci-fi is huge with gamers, look at Star Wars. This game would sell huge on any system, it's good and it's an RPG with a good story.
Evil0Angel  +   2911d ago
.... one problem though sci fi stuff ..
Final fantacy
ratch + clark
ext ext ext i guess all this games than do not intrest you
Jones Miller  +   2912d ago
Oh my f*cking GOD!
I just sh*tted my pants! There is a God!
THE TERMINATOR  +   2912d ago
XGAMER read the preview of COD4 on Daily Game and then shut the F@ck up!!!!!!!!!!
Jones Miller  +   2912d ago
What the h*ll are you talking about? Why mention a FPS like COD4? Mass Effect is a RPG!
TheExecutive  +   2912d ago
and what did XGamer say that got your panties all in a ruffle?
TheMART  +   2912d ago
So another killer app for the 360. Jees. PS3 has one over 90%, Oblivion, the 360 has about 10 already. Insane!

@ SimmoUK

Dude just stop to try to downplay great 360 in a 'subtile' way. Over and over again I see stupid reasons to try to talk for a whole group. The PS3 fanbase doesn't like this kind of game? Come on dude.

Multiple genre's? You mean that 3 good games, 2 average and for the rest a lot of bad stuff for the PS3 is balanced?

The 360 has many genre's and much more choice then the PS3 in genres and games. And soonish, with Ace Combat 6 another genre is having a great game on the 360 which the PS3 hasn't got.

You just can't stand your investment was wrong and you see other gamers that have a 360 getting all the good stuff. I'm sorry for you dude

EDIT: @ that dude below

"you can have 10 FPS games with over 90%, but it won`t matter for Real gamer. =)"

Wrong. In those 10 there is also GHII, Forza 2 and Oblivion.

"it`s about choice, not only FPS and Action games. =))"

That's why only 17% of all 360 games are shooters. Choice? On the PS3? Those 3 good games, 2 average and all those bad ones? There is no choice on the PS3...

"anyway, amazing PGR4 sold in usa 90k and in japan 5k. =)) x360 really dominating when it comes to other genres then FPS and action games. :)"

If you spit up numbers, you may want to supply sources. The 360 sells 6.3 games average per unit at this time, while the PS3 is struggling to sell any game many times, the 360 sold many games into millions of copies.
#28 (Edited 2912d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
CrazzyMan  +   2912d ago
OMG, and PC have over 100 already! =)))
just LOL.

you can have 10 FPS games with over 90%, but it won`t matter for Real gamer. =)
it`s about choice, not only FPS and Action games. =))

p.s. about ME i like holywood style plot, looks really nice, but all other things except characters models in cut scenes, doesn`t impress me.
anyway, amazing PGR4 sold in usa 90k and in japan 5k. =)) x360 really dominating when it comes to other genres then FPS and action games. :)
#28.1 (Edited 2912d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Whoooop  +   2912d ago
when you say another killer app.. you're leaving your precious PGR4 out of the list right??? and your precious ACE COMBAT which you praised as AAA too right???
TheMART  +   2912d ago
@ Whooop

Dude, PGR4 with 87% average is very, very close to 90% or over. PS3 by the way only has THREE games over that score, Oblivion, Ninja Gaiden Sigma and NHL08. Two of those are multiplatform, one a remake of an old XBOX game. I guess that's just sweetness all over, right?

BTW I have never said Ace Combat 6 would hit 90% or over at average reviews. PGR4 better then most PS3 games, even at 87%


@ Whoopdiedooo below

Uhm... I just stated its 87%, right? So indeed that's not 90% or over.

More important what I stated there:

Still better then most PS3 games out. No new IP exclusive over PGR4's score. Two multiplatforms and one remake of an old game.

Now that's pathetic. PGR4 rocks by the way with dynamic weather effects.

And lets not forget:


And you ain't getting it.
#28.3 (Edited 2912d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Whoooop  +   2912d ago
nice try... but you failed.

PGR4 sorry no AAA and no 90%+ average.

Ace Combat hahah common grandpa.. don't make me dig up
(thing that I won't do).......you were praising this game as AAA and 90% avg all the time, well it ain't. NO big deal.

you can't win them all sport.. :)
Jones Miller  +   2912d ago
@ 28.4
Well guess again!

Ace Combat 6 just got 8.75 from Game Informer and that´s pretty d*mn close to a 9.


Can´t win em all...
Whoooop  +   2912d ago
@ mart
Yeah I know you stated that... I just try to remind you all the crap you wrote and tend to forget.

I've never said PGR4 sucks and never will. I saw the footage and I'm impressed by the weather effects.

About MASS EFFECT.. That's the difference between a gamer and an immature fanboy like you. I'm actually considering buying the 360 just for this game (obviously I will buy more if i get it), but the main reason is this game. so what makes you think I ain't getting it???

and to tell you the truth, if I decide NOT to buy the 360 I would never want Mass effect on the PS3 because it would ruined the hard work they did to maximize the 360's power. It would feel wrong to get a port of this game.

I've always said nothing but good things about this game and I wish it succeeds.

Now in the other hand, you will never buy a PS3 even if HALO, gears and mass effect goes PS3 exclusive. period. you a hater not a gamer :)


righttttttt maybe a 5 year old would believe you...

You don't like anything the PS3 has or anything is coming???? maybe uncharted?? common stop with the bullsh*t...

If MGS4 was 360 exclusive you would've being writing crap from here to japan about how this game would own.

You can die trying to look like a real gamer, but you won't succeed. You are way too fanboy to disguise.

This holidays and in 2008 you still going to think the same way, even knowing that 2008 is a great year for the PS3. Like I said..

you a hater not a gamer :)
#28.6 (Edited 2912d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
TheMART  +   2912d ago
@ Whooop

You couldn't be more wrong actually.

"Now in the other hand, you will never buy a PS3 even if HALO, gears and mass effect goes PS3 exclusive. period. you a hater not a gamer :)"

Wrong in every way. I like the white PS3 which could look great with a white 360 and a white Sammy HDTV. BUT

At this point in time the PS3 isn't worth its money. It just isn't. I don't like MGS4, a guy in a string that lays on the ground and the guards just walk by the guy... Nah thanks.

So what is there to like? I don't like Ratchet, played it, rail gameplay and kiddy stuff. Uncharted is allright. Then GT5 maybe, if it drives better than the wet towel car driving in GT4HD.

PS3 will be great for Christmas 2008. When the price is between 200 and 300 Euro and there are actually games to play. Untill then: don't buy a PS3, but a 360 which has obviously the best gaming experience around.
wageslave  +   2912d ago
"because it would ruined the hard work they did to maximize the 360's power."

Very clever. I see what you imply there. You are trying -- very subtly -- to imply that the Xbox 360's underpowered compared to PS3.

Nice try, but very wrong. From IGN's hardware comparison of the two:

"CONCLUSION: When you break down the numbers, Xbox 360 has provably more performance than PS3. Keep in mind that Sony has a track record of over promising and under delivering on technical performance. The truth is that both systems pack a lot of power for high definition games and entertainment."


Sony marketing the 4D capabilities of the PS3 is just market hype. Sony has *always* used this tactic to sell consoles. There is not some great magical hardware capability in the PS3 that the Xbox 360 lacks.

Implying otherwise just makes you look like an unsophisticated victim of mass marketing. Pay better attention.
Whoooop  +   2912d ago
@ wageslave
what the f*ck you talking about.. That's the problem with fanboys or fanatics...

I didn't mean anything subtle by it, I was just saying that the game was made for the 360 and was developed using all they could from the hardware to make a great game.. I don't have much knowledge about the 360 or PS3 hardware, so I would never say something like that, because I would be talking out of my @ss.

fanboys are the ones that take it out of context just like any other news or rumor.

So your post was useless at least for me.
zonetrooper5  +   2912d ago
Really don't know whether to get this game, might just ask for it for Christmas.
UltramanJ  +   2912d ago
Another AAA game for the 360
The 360 should flatten the competition this holiday season.
randomGuyOnline  +   2912d ago
Why do you care?

Anyway, Mass Effect looks amazing and is the only game that attracts me to the 360. It's just so polished that I have to play the game. Damn you Bioware. lol
#30.1 (Edited 2912d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
UltramanJ  +   2912d ago
I was just making an observation, that's all. The 360 has just had a string of platinum hit games in the form of Bioshock, Halo 3, and now possibly Mass Effect. Pretty frickin' impressive if you ask me considering they're all exclusive. I don't think the Wii nor the PS3 will outsell it his holiday season.
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