Gears of War 3 Beta - Thrashball Map Gameplay

The ruins of a once popular sport are the staging grounds for online brutality.

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bobrea2713d ago

Yup. Looks the same as the previous two titles. I'm in it for the singe-player experience for this game.

kaveti66162713d ago

I see a decent improvement in visuals, but most importantly, a couple of beta players on youtube were saying how easy it was to find a match despite there not being that many people on the beta.

bobrea2713d ago

Yea, I can see the visual improvements for sure, but matchmaking shouldn't have been an issue with the first two games either so it's tough to call it an improvement. I just figured with having a beta and all this crazy hype that maybe they would have altered the gameplay a bit, or done something different, but oh well. As long as the people who liek it are happy, that's all that matters. As I said, I play Gears for the campaign mode, anyway.

earbus2713d ago

Not a jaggie in sight thats what straight lines look like in games sony smooth.

earbus2712d ago

only when i close my eyes go back to jaggy town ps3.

young juice2712d ago

all console games have jaggies

sickbird2713d ago

I've tried many times to get into this franchise, just not my thing i guess.

kikizoo2712d ago

Me too, it's fun, but too slow to show any kind of skill, just an arcadish 3rp shooter with best xbox graphics available.

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