Will “Project Cafe” (Wii 2) Change Everything, Again?

TSA: "The Wii changed everything, not always for the better, but anyone currently ignoring Nintendo should be keeping them firmly in their sights."

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fluffydelusions2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

People don't really buy Nintendo products because of the hardware, it's more because the iconic characters and games they have come to expect. Mario, Zelda, DK etc. Nintendo is also about being affordable so something on par with 360/PS3 in terms of hardware will allow it to fall in that category while also making for some great looking Mario, Starfox etc games. That said, it will also allow for the Wii2 or whatever it will be called to play multiplats from 360/PS3.

NewMonday2797d ago

"wii2" should at least run the U3 engine samaritan demo, any less is disappointing

fluffydelusions2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

That demo ran off 3x580's. That alone would cost $1500. BTW, that is the same card DICE is using to showcase BF3.

NewMonday2797d ago

1500$? WTF? Then Nintendo should sit this one out, I can't expect anything less then what's demonstrated by the Samaritan and B3 from a new consol.

fatstarr2797d ago

in due time you will be able to run that off of 1 graphics card.

a 500 series card in a Nintendo console would suffice for years to come.

bobrea2797d ago

I really can't see this system rushing the other companies to put out a new one. The Wii was so far behind in terms of hardware that this doesn't really justify Sony or Microsoft pushing out a new system any time sooner.

DelbertGrady2797d ago

Although for companies like Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony having a large install base is more important than having the most powerful system. Having raw power is one way to attract customers, having attractive features and solid franchises is another.

bobrea2797d ago

Yea, but I still stand by my point, especially if it's still a purely motion controlled based system. I haven't looked into the hardware specs or anything yet (if they're even available,) though.

BlmThug2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

Wii2 Will Be Outdated When Its Released, The Wii Was On Par With A Console Released In 2000 (PS2) And Wii2 Will Be On Par With A Console Released In 2005 (Xbox 360) Plus It Will Only Have Rehash After Rehash

DrVosknocker2797d ago

Well yeah, it'll be outdated by the time we get PS4 and Xbox next. Still, if it does have someting like an HD4870 and a new powerful IBM, it should play the PC Crysis Very High at 720p, plus more physics...that is if they don't only go with 512MB or ram. I really hope that's wrong. 4GB is so cheap nowaddays and games would benefit greatly. As for rehash...I agree, BUT it's not rehashing for the new generation of kids...which is what nintendos are for

soren2797d ago

rehashes on the wii? there only a few there are loads of great games on that system ur talking to a real gamer here not no bull shit one like ur self grafics and pyisc makes a game good? is that so that just provezs ur not a gamer but a tech junkie its fine to be a tech junkie but if thats all u care about dont call ur self a gamer i dont care if the grafics arent ps3 qal just as long as they aint ugly lets make not alot of ps3 games have good grafics but r shitty looking u know why cus the art sucks the colors or crappy and so on look at gears is like watching the 3 stooges with blood the none colored one lol ill give i to uncharted for both have great color grafics and gameplay but gears? it has noting

Yangus2797d ago

Change Everything,Again?

-I say yes!

eagle212797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

If Nintendo's legendary franchises are sharing the store shelves with the highest profile's a very appealing position. Online is their biggest competition hurdle. Of course doing something unique whether in the look of the console, feel or controls of the console is what will catch attention.

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