PlayStation Gaymers: Killzone 3 Review

Somewhat redundant, somewhat overdue, but here's our take on Sony's violent, spectacular but cut-scene heavy sci fi first-person shooter. Has Guerilla refined what it built with Killzone 2, or bowed to the pressure of conforming to the market?

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Wolfie2803d ago

:o Hi Chris, looks like you are everywhere XD Back on topic: I like your review but I don't agree with the score. IMO KZ3 is a solid 9/10 (-1 because of poor story and uninteresing characters)

frjoethesecond2802d ago

If the story is poor then surely an 8 or 7.5?

spunnups2802d ago

KZ3 is great but the story is terrible, the gameplay, however, is the best in the business.

kikizoo2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

Wow look at your disagree, killzone is again and again interesting people who can't play it obviously :)

sorry guys, next gen, just make the smartest choice and don't be bitter and dumb (like happyface and other trolls)

by the way, this game has a metacritic score of 8,5 despite all the biased reviews and ridiculous scores (you can't ad B+ or score X/4 or X/5 on a X/20 scale, it's not precise), so it's a 9 (wich means more than 10 for a xbox or wii game)

and the story ? what do you think about bbc2 and others crappoiest single campaing in history ? do they have 0/4 because of that (and inferior graphics, etc), no...

ChrisTiffer2800d ago

Hi Kikizoo,

In response to your comment, it wasn't just "the story" but the way it was presented and the negative impact on the game's best qualities that I took issue with. It is just my opinion.


ChrisTiffer2803d ago

I welcome your opinion, but as I point out in the review, the story and it's implementation, in my opinion, seriously undermines the strengths of the game elsewhere (which the review does acknowledge). And for the record, Killzone 2 is my favourite game ever.

Sarcasm2802d ago

I disagree with the score. 5/10 is too low. I'd respect a 7.5/10 though. Oh well.

ChrisTiffer2800d ago

Unfortunately our bespoke ratings system doesn't use numbers, so I had to do a "like for like" during the submission process (with hindsight and judging by people's responses, not the best idea).

Ducky2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

For some reason I'm less inclined to take their word seriously with a name like that.

... but seems like some work went into writing it.

-Alpha2802d ago

Why? They are a website themed around gay gamers. Why is there opinion less serious?

Ducky2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

...because not everyone uses that word seriously... especially places where the word 'gay' gets flaunt around.

The site looks new, so I can't immediately figure out if it's actually being serious or not.
Though I wrote that comment before fully reading the review. Seems he's got some fair points.

-Alpha2802d ago

Right, I see your point, thought you were saying you had a lesser opinion of them because they were gay. My bad.


Personally I can't take their word seriously for the same reason I wouldn't take seriously a word from a site named TheHeteroGamer, ChristianGamer, GamerGirl... They all look more inclined to discuss the issues or afinity of their group within the game than the game itself.

I'm not against it in anyway, I just don't think you can have an objective and imparcial news source when it starts by aligning itself within a minority, specially within the so vocal matters (politics, sexual preference, religion, etc).

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