Saints Row 2 - New Scans and Info

The latest issue of the german magazine GamePro has a "world exclusive" story about Saints Row 2.

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Young Capwn4079d ago

AHHHHHHH cant fu*kin wait mannnn i want this more than GTA4

SlippyMadFrog4079d ago

Wasn't the original Saints Row on the Xbox360? Judging by your avitar, you don't like the xbox360, what's up?

Spike474079d ago

I hope you know there is nothing like gta4

Young Capwn4079d ago

i had more fin in SR than i had in GTA. Even though GTA had planes and boats, I still had more fun with SR. And to add to that there was multiplayer.

Sevir044079d ago

dont need it. too much of the same just a new city no need for this and i sure as hell wont be picking up GTA4 or SR2

Wozzer4079d ago

Does this mean there will be planes in SR2?

InMyOpinion4079d ago

Yes. And boats. And...freaks =)

id dot entity4079d ago

This looks awesome! Can't wait for this one.

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The story is too old to be commented.