Mortal Kombat 9 Secret Fatalities and More

Dualshock Nexus: "Some new MK9 videos featured on our blog right now are Jade's secret fatality, Reptile's secret fatality, Cyrax's secret fatality, Raiden's fatality, and a live stream interview about Kintaro's redesign (with gameplay)."


This article has been updated with both of Baraka's fatalities, Cyber Sub Zero's fatality, Ermac's fatality, Kabal's fatality, Lui Kang's fatality, Shang Tsung's 1st fatality, and Noob Saibot's fatality.

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riksweeney2799d ago

Hmmm, Kintaro looks slightly rubbish. He needs to be a little taller and more muscely

thats_just_prime2799d ago

he really sucks they have this dude with 4 arms and the best moves they can come up with is a fireball and a teleport thats lame

JohnApocalypse2799d ago

Jade's one was fucking brilliant

FishCake9T42799d ago

My fav was "Just A Scratch" purely due to the monty python reference.

colonel1792799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

I hate Spoilers.... The title should have been: Mortal Kombat Spoilers...

Why would I have to see the spoiler right on the title?! This is the second time it happens!!

2799d ago
zeal0us2799d ago

it did say secret fatalities so obviously it was revealing something netherrealm studios have yet officially put out.
love them all lol thx dude, nice to know jade, one of my favorite female character is in it.

2799d ago
zeal0us2799d ago

my comment wasn't even aim towards you so what are you talking about ocelot_X it was @ colonel179.