IGN: Gears of War 3 Beta Impressions

IGN writes: "If you're a Gears fan, you probably can't wait to get into the multiplayer beta. Not sure if you're eligible for it? Check out our Gears 3 Beta FAQ to learn more.

We here at IGN have had a few days to get our feet wet in the Gears of War 3 multiplayer beta before anyone else. But we aren't here to brag (well, maybe a little), we're here to let you know what we think. But just like multiplayer, this isn't just about one person -- it's about a team. Therefore we had multiple editors, each with a different perspective, sound off on their thoughts so far".

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undercovrr2797d ago

Seriously, not one of them had to say a genuinely bad thing about the game? Its hard to believe that reviewers - whose job is centered around criticizing, found next to nothing bad about the game. I'm not dissing Gears of War 3, the game looks amazingly fun, but every game has something bad about it. I'm beginning to think they are either stupidly optimistic (and only nitpick when they do the review) or they are paid by Epic.

Dread2797d ago

I know its a conspiracy. If it was a sony exclusive they would have found many problems.

sony is always a victim here.

undercovrr2797d ago

I never said anything about Sony, you just jumped to that conclusion because you are an idiot

Dread2797d ago

your mother is an idiot nudercovrr
and she had idiot children...

fuckoffodion2795d ago

Hey Dread, your whole family are idiots. Bunch of inbreed morons.

Game0N2797d ago

i dont want to sound like a theorist but i went into this not expecting a negative comment since it IS gears of war and is OWNED by microsoft...which is sad, they really sound like their payed off which is stupid cos it's only a beta but had it been a ps3 game...phewww would have expected framerate issues, texture pop ins, inferior graphics, all the works. lol