Shang Tsung Pays Tribute to The Joker

Dualshock Nexus: "Do you remember back in 2008 before Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe released and an awesome fatality showed the Joker blowing the brains out of his opponent with a gun? Well it appears that the clown pictures we have seen leaked are one of Shang Tsung's transformations during a fatality. This fatality pays tribute to the orginal uncut Joker fatality that ended up being removed from the final version of MK vs DC. Check out the fatality below."

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FishCake9T42677d ago

At first it was "Friendship"
Then "Friendship denied"

CernaML2678d ago


That's it. Preordering right after work.

Sub-Zero852678d ago

4 more days ..... cant wait !!

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