Next Nintendo console to use Blu-ray?

Nintendo's next home console will use Blu-ray, a new report has claimed.

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movements2805d ago

Bluray in the mix? It's much cheaper now, and has a capacity of 50GB. Nintendo's getting ready to drop a bomb a E3.

Hisiru2804d ago

If it won't use Blu-Ray (or any other media with large storage capacity) I can't see how it will compete against PS4 or xbox 720.

I hope it's true and I want to see Nintendo make an incredible console.

AAACE52804d ago

@movements... Depends on which one they use! Single layer bluray is 25 Gb's. Dual layer is 50 Gb's!

Most games don't use the 50 Gb disc because it would take a lot of cash to fill it up, which the majority of developers don't have access to!

xAlmostPro2804d ago

If this is true..

It's abit more powerful than the 360 and will use blu-ray..

Why would they honestly make a console weaker than the ps3? :s

More so at this point in time when sony are about a year from releasing a handheld thats more powerful(or almost atleast) than the 360 to the world


52pickup2805d ago

I wonder if this is true?

I would assume that if this is indeed true then this would put a lot of pressure on Microsoft to include it on their next console,because it will no doubt be included on Sony's next home console to remain BC with PS3 software.

movements2805d ago

Yeah, I think Bluray is the last hard copy standard then the industry goes all digital.

koehler832804d ago

I think that's a fair assessment, if overly simplified.

I think Blu-ray will be repeatedly expanded to support higher resolution video, 1440 and/or 1600, before becoming irrelevant in developed counties. It's likely to maintain relevance in developing markets for quite some time. Internet policy around the world is a bit shaky and is showing signs of regression. I'm not convinced a fully digital world is as close as many believe.

And I'm not sure BD will ever supplant DVD as the defacto data format though. Somehow CDs are still kicking around for no good reason. We'll see what happens.

TheLeprachaun2804d ago

Aye I think next Gen is going to be bluray for Nintendo and Sony, and Microsoft will go with SD cards of some description. I can also see DD being pretty big, most games will probably have same day physical and digital releases.

I also think the wii2/720/ps4 is going to be the last console Gen as we know it. The next Gen will probably last longer even than this Gen, possibly until 2020. By then, cloud computing will be big. Adding software updates for cloud gaming to the next Gen around that time instead of wii3/xbox4/ps5 could mean we won't ever need new consoles until something revolutionary like VR comes around. The times, they are a changin'.

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perfectCarbonara2804d ago

So lang as they make another Wind Waker quality Zelda game.

colonel1792804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

It's called Skyward Sword

Having a Nintendo console more powerful than the PS3 gives me the hope to have Zelda with Uncharted graphics, Mario with Pixar quality, Starfox as great as warhawk

I really hope this console is real. I think will be a backslash for Nintendo in some years because PS4 and Xbox 3 will be even more powerful (most likely), but is a step in the right direction

Edit: Much as I would like to see a Zelda with uber realistic graphics, I would prefer a cinematic experience like Uncharted and God of War... It would really be impressive.

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