The Big (???) Pandora's Tower Final Fantasy Versus Controversy

Andriasang: The best box art this generation may have a dark side completely unrelated to its black case.

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Cloudberry2800d ago

But "Pandora's Tower" box art looks great.

I love it.

kesvalk2800d ago

it's shopped, i can see because of some of the pixels and from seeing some shops in my time...

Killzone3___2800d ago

comeon !! release date !! >.<

Alos882800d ago

Huh, that is pretty blatant actually.

Scyrus2800d ago

4 real haha, thats so sad

RememberThe3572800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

OMG This guy look like that other guy who looks like every other anime character.

Scyrus2800d ago

ur on a crack rabbit aint u. there is a difference between characters looking alike and the same picture being stolen lmao.

besides tetsuya nomura's style is very unique so most of the time only his characters look like his characters.

this is obvious from position to design, i mean come on lol. this is coming from a character designer where i designed my n4g avatar

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