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Like his proverbial namesake catching the morning worm, The Chaffinch swoops down from the rooftops to tackle the nameless thugs of Gotham City. Dishing out punches, kicks and batarangs, his retribution is swift. Answering a call from his mentor Batman, he heads to another crime scene round the block. Identical looking thugs meet the same justice. Another call comes in, twenty more of the same reprobates line the streets. DC Universe Online reads a familiar story. Fantastic license, terrible execution.

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Rynx2798d ago

I'm about to start working on my fourth character to reach lvl 30 with.

Great game so long as you have people to play it with.

newn4gguy2798d ago

This game is amazing!

How can we take critics seriously when they pull crap like this?

P_Bomb2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

You can't. Not when other superhero games with far less replayability, variety and production values (Spiderman Shattered Dimensions, Incredible Hulk, Marvel Superhero Squad, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, even Prototype) get scored higher.

If this wasn't a pay-to-play MMO people would no doubt let themselves enjoy it like they do any other RPG. Look how glitchy Fallout is while still maintaining positivity. Even this guy praises almost everything before going off about free2play.