Dynasty Warriors 7 Review (Strategy Informer)

From "If ever there was a signature series to encapsulate the worst elements of iterative videogame design, then Dynasty Warriors would surely have to be in the running. Ever-present since the early years of Playstation, Koei’s free-roaming hack-and-slash arcade battler has remained true to its core gameplay since the second iteration, with minimal tweaks and upgrades introduced in subsequent years to provide a lick of paint and something to put on the back of the box for each release. Dynasty Warriors 7 continues this trend with a few new gameplay mechanics and one eye on authentic Chinese history, along with a slightly rehashed fighting system to differentiate it from its lineage."

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Vegnozet2801d ago

Dynasty Warriors 7 is being most famous among people now-a-days.But in my opinion, it is essential part of Dynasty Warriors series.