This Is What Portal 2's Box Art Could Have Looked Like

1UP - Pictured above is Valve's official box art for Portal 2, but there have been a lot of alternate versions hidden around the internet.

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Lamarthedancer2797d ago

I like the ones with Chell and GLaDOS on them.

Much better then the co-op robots...seriously do they really need the co-op feature to sell the game

Kee2797d ago

I like number 11 it's a picture of the portal gun and it says Portal 2. then with a subtext, it has: interactive gaming device.

Ducky2797d ago

Yea, it looks nice...

... but I bet it'd confuse the hell out of uneducated consumers.

Da_Evil_Monkey2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

Some of these are quite good, but then some look more like concept art rather than box art.

My personal favourite

Lindsey2797d ago

I think the official box-art is the best, but #6 was pretty cool too.

undercovrr2796d ago

They are all ok, but not as good as the official box art. Granted, the official box art could have also been better, but meh.

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