Portal 2 Will Blow Your Mind

TheSixthAxis looks beyond the walls of Aperture Science.

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newn4gguy2802d ago

"Portal was brilliant, that’s a fact, and – guess what – Portal 2′s better.

Much better."

It's just calming nerves.

Honestly though...does anyone have ANY doubt that Portal 2 will be phenomenal?!?

Of course, your comment could have been your way of saying the same thing.

HenryFord2802d ago

Valve already stated that it is the best game they ever made up to this point - coming from the developer of freaking Half-Life/2/Ep. 1/Ep. 2 I think we can expect a phenomenal experience.

cobra42801d ago

please don't get mad or anything, it's an honest question, but is portal really that good? the orange box has been sitting on my shelf ever since i got my 360 last christmas i think

newn4gguy2802d ago

^were just introduced to the internet yesterday...