Wii 2 The Next Dreamcast?

Various reports around the internet at the moment suggest the imminent arrival of a new Nintendo console. Nintendo have time and time again denied they are ready to release a new machine. Will they risk pulling a Dreamcast?

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pcz2719d ago

lol nothing wrong with dreamcast.. except its obvious commercial failure.

some of my best gaming experiences were courtesy of dreamcast

Prototype2719d ago

Power Stone
Marvel vs Capcom 1/2
Skies of Arcadia
Street Fighter 3
Capcom vs SNK
and the VMU with the mini games

SMOK3xFFx2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

^What memories.

-Alpha2719d ago

Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, Power Stone 2, Crazy Taxi, Sword of the Berserk, Sonic Shuffle, House of the Dead, ahhh, the good old days

ATiElite2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

Hell No!

Metroid, Super Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Pokemon will never ever let Nintendo Fail. just release a Wii 2 and only make games using those characters and you would still have success.....wait i think they already do this?

Dsnyder2719d ago

The tallest card tower will tumble when it gets too high. Then we build another...

Lindsey2719d ago

Someone is fishing for hits.

VampiricDragon_2719d ago

not with nintendos stable of ips it isnt

RyuCloudStrife2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

please dont start with these stupid articles...

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The story is too old to be commented.