DICE: 'We're not being challenged'

Patrick Bach, Executive Producers at Battlefield 3 developers DICE, has told Play that the developers 'are not being challenged' by their competition.

"I thought everyone wanted to get to the point where interaction with the world was the next natural thing in videogames," he explains. "But we’re not really being challenged."

"We’re getting challenged more by our consumers wanting more stuff rather than other games leading the way on what can be achieved. We like competition. We want people to challenge us. And right now, we’re challenging ourselves when it comes to destruction."

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Smkt2800d ago

would be funny if bf3 gets owned by another shitty looking cod4 rehash...

hiredhelp2800d ago

Don't know why be funny. As even bad company 2 still beats cod. So they won already.

Mr Tretton2798d ago

pretty sure he's talking about sales, and EA has openly challenged COD in regards to sales

DeadlyFire2798d ago

He is talking about gameplay not sales. Foolish people.

He is right. Noone tries anything. Well for the most part. There is no real push to compete from alot of directions. Certainly competition is there, but its not really challenging. EA and DICE are creating a new league for FPS market and challenging other developers to step up into it and compete with their game.

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MGRogue20172800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

DICE: "We ain't scared of Call of Duty. >:) "

trounbyfire2800d ago

if crytek gets crap for running there mouth why not dice. i didn't know they were they we such d bags

-Alpha2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

It's getting annoying, but remember that they are being interviewed by the press in this case, so they are recycling their comments here because they are forced to.

As arrogant as it is, they will get away with it because they are beating on COD and people here hate COD. Now, if they trashed a more well-liked game, DICE would be received negatively fast.

Difference between Crytek and DICE here though is that Crytek built around consoles and DICE has knowingly stated to be building their game around PC. Thus, I have more confidence in them than I did with Crytek considering DICE is building first and foremost around the PC unlike Crytek who built with the consoles mainly in mind

Regardless, if they want to continue the intense trash talk, they need to release more new videos for people, or else people just lose their patience

Theonetheonly2798d ago

because dice is not having to "make Excuses" to justify shoddy looking gameplay videos, nor are they showing off footage that reflects the consolization of their franchise, dice is showing the best of the best of what can be done and it is speaking for itself, and in my opinion gives them all the bragging rights they want.

gcolley2798d ago

@trounbyfire - r u seriously that naive? media overhype. wake up to the real world. do you actually think everything you read is the whole story. it is selective, bias one sided journalism that determines what people like you (and all your agreers haha) think and you don't even know it.

besides all that they are basically saying in this small segment is they are amazed they are the only one's in their space that consider destruction = realism more so than just pretty graphics... and i agree 100% and have since BFBC1. meanwhile the world was too busy praising IW for what was/is essentially an old stagnant game engine. BFBC1 was heaps better than COD4 in MP (and SP IMO) but no one noticed.

tdogchristy902800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

Dices mouth is getting old. While they are really good at what they do and bc2 and bf3 are high quality, all this talk is getting old. Complaining about hardware, about cod, and beating call of duty. We're still like 7 months out, all this boasting. Actions speak louder than words. Speak softly and carry a big stick.

DanSolo2798d ago

Dude, while you are right.... if you think about it from their point of view.... they are trying to challenge COD and to do so they need to keep ramming the idea of this game being better into people's heads....

It is like the old saying;
"There is no such thing as bad publicity!"
Everything they do to get people thinking about and talking about the game makes it more likely that people will go out and buy it just to find out, (and not be the ones who don't).

I don't like all the bullshit, and I think it is sad that these tactics work on people... but the reality is they do.... just look at some celebrities...
Even when they fuck up it just makes them even more famous..... people will go out and buy their shit just because they keep hearing about them!

guigsy2800d ago

Yap Yap Yap

Dice are starting to get a bit big for their boots. If their product is really as good as they say then its class should speak for itself. All they're doing is just building a negative reputation for themselves.

DanSolo2798d ago

Dude.... just scroll up to my AWESOME comment above.... seriously.... it has ALL the answers and will fully inculcate you as to the facts... the way of the world... and the meaning of life!!!!!!!!

Seriously dude... it's amazing!

(lol now see how you go and look just to be able to say I am full of shit!)

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