Battlefield 3: A new trailer is coming

Electronic Arts have confirmed the pubblication of a new Trailer of Battlefield 3, set for 14:00 GMT.

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chak_2740d ago ShowReplies(2)
tdrules2740d ago

so will this be a separate one from their social whoring exercise on Facebook?

DoomeDx2740d ago

end of the trailer: ''SUPRISE! The game is coming out tomorrow!''.

Hey one can dream right?

GamerPS3602740d ago

they should make this game cross platform as well with option to play with PC players or filter. One can dream :)

My most anticipated game of 2011.

bumnut2740d ago

They would need to limit the pc player count to 24 which would not go down well.

Maybe they could have a number of optional cross platform servers for those who want to play with console owning friends

Senden2740d ago

So much for 1m facebook likes trailer lulz.

DeadlyFire2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

They spread that around to late to get 1 Million likes. Although it goes up by so many thousand a day.

Senden2740d ago

They done it as a cheap cost effective way to market the game. I just dislike the whole nature of dangling trailers in our faces.

DeadlyFire2740d ago

Indeed, but what I really wanna know is what is changing in MP mode. The one thing they don't wanna show off yet.

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