PS3 Sales Reach 50 Million Units Worldwide

SCE today announced that the cumulative sales of the PS3 reached a milestone of 50 million units*1*1 worldwide, as of March 29, 2011. SCE also announced that PlayStation Move sales surpassed 8 million units worldwide as of April 3, demonstrating continued growth and momentum of the PS3 platform.

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GrandTheftZamboni2798d ago

We we we so excited.
We so excited...

na2ru12798d ago

And 51m comes after 50m.

Sashamaz2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

And Friday comes after Thursday :D

the_best_player2798d ago

Nice 1 Sony and thanks for all the 20 plus PS3 only games coming out this year! :)

50Terabytespersec2798d ago

The PS3 helped me through the recession!!
Thank you Sony!! For Blu-Ray,PS Home,Free Online, God of War 3 and Killzone and especially Uncharted!!!!

TreMillz2798d ago

Lol of course someone starts the "ship sales" parade. Doesnt matter either way Sony got their pay. But it clearly states sales.

hudsoniscool2798d ago

everyone reports shipped. they dont know the exact number of "sales to consumer". and they did SELL 50 million consoles to retailers.

Eddie201012798d ago

And retailers buy based on demand.

malamdra2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

this took Microsoft 61 months (nov05-dec10)
and it took Sony 52 months (nov06-mar11)

and probably even less for Sony because PS3 released in Europe 4 months later, so with 48 months in Europe we can do an average of around 50 months worlwide total, so PS3 is selling almost a year faster than the 360

ThatEnglishDude2798d ago

Never thought I'd say this, but it feels so refreshing to see a sales based article on N4G.

Silver_Faux2798d ago

Haha yeah same here... Times be changin.