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"Motorstorm is back with it’s 3rd installment this time around swapping luscious jungles and deserts for a city, volcanos, tornados earthquakes and just all out carnage. Motorstorms back and it’s definitely fiercer than ever. Read on for the review."

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Pixel_Pusher2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

Beasty. Will definitely be picking this up. : )

RankFTW2718d ago

Good call man, it's an awesome game.

Darth Stewie2718d ago

When does this come out in the US?

callahan092718d ago

GameFly just recently updated their page for the game saying it's out May 3. But no official word yet.

remanutd552718d ago

There will be an official release date statement today at the playstation blog

Calm Down Sunshine2718d ago

The ONLY problem I've found with this game is in the offline split-screen races.. You're no longer able to choose the vehicles your opponents are using.. Why is this?

One of the best parts of Pacific Rift is being a bike and racing a huge fleet of monster trucks.

spunnups2718d ago

that sucks, but other than that, you love it? I have the first two and admire those, but am Iffy about dropping another $60 with games like LA Noire and inFAMOUS 2 around the corner.

bumnut2718d ago

If its so great why is it aleady in the bargain sections at most game stores ?

Sizzon2718d ago

Too many games to choose from? duh.

RankFTW2718d ago

Price doesn't = quality.

ChronoJoe2717d ago

Probably because it had no adverts, and didn't actually release on the day it was supposed to? or the day it was pushed back to either.

Also, NFS Shift is also in bagain bin atm at gamestation, and GT5 and a few other games. It's some easter sale. Not sure about other stores though.

bumnut2716d ago

How can people disagree with a question?

ChronoJoe2716d ago

Your question contained a statement

"why is it aleady in the bargain sections at most game stores"

I didn't hit disagree, but I'm guessing that's what they disagreed with. Maybe they hadn't seen that to be the case, thereby thinking what you stated as true is a fallacy.

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Krimson-Rage2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

It's amazing, and way better than Pacific Rift (in my opinion)! I just boggle at the 5-7 ratings and wonder what it takes to please some people these days... Driving through a tunnel and watching it crumble around you is intense, and the visuals overall are just plain stunning. I'd love to play it in 3-D.

Best of all is the rooftop course - Driving on top of collapsed (and collapsing!) office blocks and, in some cases, through the windows into burning offices, is an amazing & unique experience.

RankFTW2718d ago

All I can say is the 3D effect is one of the best I've seen.

remanutd552718d ago

me too , it really does enhance the experience

Krimson-Rage2718d ago

Waahhhh, don't rub it in!!! ;)