Universal Playstation: Weekly Reviews - Mortal Kombat

Universal Playstation: Finally! The next gen of Mortal Kombat we've all been waiting for since last gen has finally arrived! Don't even ask if this is worth your time, effort, and hard earn money cause believe me it's more than what I've anticipated.

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Dart892798d ago

Wow perfect score might get mine on sunday if i can trick the people at wal mart into giving it to me lol.

VINNIEPAZ2798d ago

The faces on some of the characters models (Sonya) look pretty bad.

I'm playing it now about 3 chapters in and it plays pretty good. You really have to do a bit more thinking than previous MK games when fighting.

FlyGuyHung2798d ago

Cant wait for this game. God damn you bestbuy, ship my pre-order early!