Intelligence Agencies Hunting for Terrorists in World of Warcraft

ComputerWorld: "The FBI raided the apartment of two University of Michigan students to investigate "potentially fraudulent sales or purchases of virtual currency that people use to advance in the popular online role-playing game World of Warcraft."

Federal Court records show that the FBI agents are investigating potential gold farmers which are people who get virtual currency and then auction or sell it for cash. Investigators believed at least one person was involved with a "scheme to set up fraudulent bank accounts to buy and/or sell 'virtual currency' or 'gold' to be used in the game." Specifically, agents were looking for online transaction records associated with WoW, the Chinese gold-farming website, eBay, PayPal and the United Services Automobile Association."

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Masterchef20072803d ago

I hate the farmers and Spammers they ruin the experience of WoW for the others. Plus they allow people to cheat in the game as well which is unfair because for those of us who like to play fairly it takes us forever to get a ton of gold or a good item while for them its just a matter of swiping a card and boom 10k instantly.

Senden2803d ago

Then blame Blizzard. Gold is so cheap these days.. if I'm stuck between paying $10 for gold or spending 5 hours of my life doing repetitive things to make gold, I'll choose paying $10.

Jezuz2803d ago

Terrorists, now on WoW

NewMonday2803d ago

Boss: is that what you call work Joe?
Joe: I'm actually looking for terrorists.

Senden2803d ago

Talk about being blown completely out of proportion. "Terrorists secretly conspire behind Night Elf avatars". What a load of hogwash. Sometimes i'm really glad I don't live in America.

Dynasty20212803d ago

Part of me agrees with them, and part of me thinks they should just let it go. It's not like Blizzard lose anything by letting it happen.

Follow EVE's philosophy. ''Oh that guy ripped you off with a bogus insurance agreement, infiltrated your organisation and syphoned off billions of in-game currency?...tough ***t mate.''

In EVE you're in complete control of the world. Markets crash, alliances start wars, fraud is allowed...its awesome.

And you can't even buy the best gear. That's only available in raids, which require skill and co-ordination AND previous raid gear to complete, so the best players are seen as the best players by their gear. Simple.