Hold on to your Nostalgia Underpants! Dreamcast Collection marked down 43% with FREE SHIPPING!

Conflicting Gamers - "I don’t know about you, but the Dreamcast was one of my ALL time favorite consoles! I bought mine the day it came out and was just blown away by the graphics and gameplay. I’m still not 100% sure why this console put Sega out of the console war…. But not to worry, if you’re like me and love the core Dreamcast games, Xbox 360 released 4 of them on this ultimate collection!"

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vgcgames2803d ago

some of the best games made started on dreamcast, power stone anyone

gorebago2803d ago

loved that game. the sequel was sweet too.

we need seaman on xbla

1998gamer2803d ago

heh i actually found out it was on the Dreamcast after Sega stopped making consoles. I love the game at the arcade though, which is where i played power stone.

gorebago2803d ago

you can get the ps 1 and 2 comp umd if you have a psp - that's where i was able to enjoy the games all over again.

cgmike2803d ago

Patiently waiting for a Sonic Adventure 2/Power Stone/Daytona/Ferrari F355 Challenge compilation.

zeal0us2803d ago

dam right excluding Daytona/Ferrari F355 Challenge I never play it thats why I saying excluding

I wouldn't mine seeing time stalkers,mdk2,power stone2,Code Veronica,Grandia 2,San Francisco Rush 2049,shemune, damn the list can go on and on.

fromasterjay2803d ago

Grandia 2 was freaking AWESOME! I forgot about that game! That game is in my all-time top 10 for RPG's...

young juice2803d ago

power stone 2 already exists

zeal0us2802d ago

@young juice
its on the xbl marketplace(w/e its called) dam gotta get it.

Solidus187-SCMilk2803d ago

Im not sure that would be up to sega to release.

Fullmetalevolust2803d ago

Sorry to be off topic, but I'm waiting for a saturn collection. Shining force, Panzer dragoon, Nights into dreams etc....

ChrisW2803d ago

STEAM had it for cheaper and I still didn't get it. Sonic and Crazy Taxi are the only one's I'd be willing to play again. The only problem is, Crazy Taxi doesn't have the original sound track. LAME!

Solidus187-SCMilk2803d ago

There are not that many Songs on the original but they are sweet for that game. Also the neew one doesn't have the weird places like Tower records, KFC, Pizza Hut and Fila stores.