Blizzard Entertainment is Hiring for a Next-Gen MMORPG project

Blizzard Entertainment has posted on their official website that they are looking for an exceptionally skilled 3D environment architectural artist.

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BeastlyRig2805d ago

I hope they really mean next gen!!

Rearden2805d ago

StarCraft MMO, anyone?

undercovrr2805d ago

I hope not, starcraft is doing just fine as an RTS and I personally don't think its universe is as fascinating as warcraft's. I hope its a new IP.

CaulkSlap2805d ago

Personally I find the Starcraft universe much more fascinating. Problem is the Starcraft story is about massive planetary wars. Doesn't translate well to an MMO with individual characters. Diablo fits much better to the standard MMO format.

I hope it's something new in a Sci-Fi setting. Possibly space/planetary hybrid. Personally got sick of the generic fantasy MMO a long time ago. Everything else has either been not very good or take way too much time investment like Eve. I think it's a very strong possibility considering they already have the vast majority market share of standard fantasy MMOs. Everquest2 learned the hard way to not directly compete with your predecessor.

Rearden2805d ago

Well, WarCraft was doing just fine as an RTS as well.

Torkith2805d ago

Obviously Project Titan...

sonicsidewinder2805d ago

Wasn't that a Time Crisis game?

Bullshido2805d ago

Well Either Starcraft MMO or Project Titan ;)

vekixd2805d ago

What might be the new IP undercovrr?

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