New Halo Schwag, Updates, and Announcements just around the corner

Conflicting Gamers, "Well it’s about freaking time! It only took the Halo series turning 10 this year to finally get my avatar the Mark V Master Chief Helmet I’ve been clamoring for!

In a slew of new Halo hype just announced, fans can be on the lookout for a fresh deluge of Halo-related goodness".

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vgcgames2804d ago

hope the don't recycle the original halo swag. :)

fromasterjay2804d ago

SWAG! My Avatar's gonna look PIMP now...


I know the big head is a Avatar design thing, but the big Halo helmet in the skinny little body looks funny as hell.

cgmike2804d ago

Haha. Very "NBA Jam-ish".