Portal 2 Viral Marketing: And the end begins...

Jacques Hulme takes a look at the Davinci Code-esque inner message of Steam's recent Potato Sack Sale and the unique fun that comes from playing an Alternate Reality Game in an article for Gamer's Guide to Life.

GGTL: "Over the past 13 days a huge Alternate Reality Game, or ARG, has unfolded, revealing a dark future for us all. It started with the release of The Potato Pack on Steam, a collection of thirteen titles all retailed at a discounted price. At face value, it seemed much like any Steam deal pack; a great selection of top titles at an unbeatable price. However, over the course of a few hours it started to become clear that all was not as it seemed. Each had received an update, which stuck Potatoes into odd situations in the levels. After this initial discovery, further findings were made, including a collection of glyphs placed around the games, which were eventually decoded on IRC channels and the Wiki page"

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