IGN: Battlefield 3: Reclaiming the Throne

IGN: "For many gamers, the whirlwind success of the Call of Duty franchise has been so all-encompassing that it's hard for them to remember a time before series creators Infinity Ward dropped the game that would change the industry forever – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

While the Call of Duty series had achieved success with its last World War II-set title, Call of Duty 3, it wasn't developed by Infinity Ward, and it was clear that the studio was as fed up with WWII games as the general gaming public was. The Medal of Honor series (CoD's main competitor) had been flagging with mediocre WWII titles for some time, and with the current War on Terror in everyone's subconscious, with its high-tech, 21st century approach to warfare, it was clear that a leap to the present day needed to occur."

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Fishy Fingers2774d ago

"Mouseover to see the difference between Battlefield 2 and 3."

And they have a Bad Company Screen, fail. Good article though.

Menech2774d ago

Nope that's BF2, just looks like bad company because PC graphics are around 4 years ahead of consoles at any respective point.

undercovrr2774d ago

4 years ahead? Not likely. Crysis is the only exception, but so far I haven't seen any pc games that have large differences in graphical quality from their console counterparts.

Menech2774d ago

Try using a PC to game then instead of living in ignorance.

1200p = 2073600 pixels

720p = 921600 pixels

Straight away my image is more then twice as clear, X8 MSAA on eveything compared to the console standard of X2 to nothing.

Not to mention DX11 tessellation, way better physics much better lighting effects and a more then double the frame rate of a standard console game.

4 years ahead is being a little to kind to consoles maybe 6.

RedDead2774d ago

....that pic has been shown many times for BF3

RonXD2774d ago

Battlefield never lost it's throne. It has always been superior.

BeastlyRig2774d ago

on pc? yes on consoles maybe not..

-Alpha2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

Well yeah but nobody counts "Console Exclusive" otherwise you'll have to allow people to tout some multiplatform games as "console exclusives" and then we just get into people making up random rules to claim bragging rights over.

Regardless of it wont be best on consoles or not, BF3 will be the standard to beat across any platform.
I'm happy to see devs finally owing back PC gamers as they've been screwed by guys like Bioware and Crytek.

BeastlyRig2774d ago

Yeah I pre-ordered the PC version on Amazon this morning & I didn't even build a rig yet!!

I will be ready!

Danielmccue2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

I guarantee you that modern warfare 3 will sell more than battlefield 3 on every platform.

The call of duty name is a powerful thing these days.

Its sad but thats the world we live in.

BLACKBOIJONES2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

Typical media and people on the internet...Hyping the game up as the next coming of Jesus but majority will diss the game when its out or just start bitching about any thing really,I wont b suprised if it dose not live up to the hype thanks to the media and the internet hyping it up to levels which is just not reachable!!!....Crysis 2 and killzone 3 is my example!!!!!!!!

@MrSancho1(Below)...I agree.... I dont care the hate COD gets on the internet..Outside the internet no one cares..Do u think 10,000comments of people saying do not buy it can match over 15million people who are fans of the game,millions of people play online every day so they must b doing something right...And pls others dont give me that crap about quantity dose not mean quality,All that matters is that people are having fun playing it including me.COD online is the best in this FPS gen...And no its not only little kids who play it, Im a 22 years old university student and i play it...I cant wait for COD MW3. Haters should go suck a sack of baby dicks.

user83971442774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

I don't care if I get alot of disagrees and I know I will but Call of Duty is more fun than Battlefield IN MY OPINION. sorry but it's true. Call of Duty is better at 60FPS than slow battlefield, maybe this new battlefield will focus on faster FPS than before.
Sorry for hurting Battlefield fanboys hearts.

Also if they release a Beta and its faster and better than I promise to buy it day 1 but till then its call of duty for me.

-Alpha2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

It's your opinion, but it's true?

As for BF being faster, it's a different style, so don't expect that to happen.

evrfighter2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

Battlefield has always destroyed cod.

Unless you've experienced both franchises from the beginning to where they are now. Ur opinion means squat.

Both have had a rough mid life with bc1 and cod3. Battlefield is only getting better while cod seems to have peaked. If you say blackops is better than cod4 than I won't even need to counter as you'll be doing all the work for me.

Cod has no place to go but down. Infinity ward is not even a shadow of its former self. It's gonna be real messy.

user83971442774d ago

I have experienced battlefield bad company 1 and 2

Motion2774d ago


The Bad Company series is a spinoff from the battlefield universe. The true Battlefield games are very different.

JBaby3432774d ago

You don't hurt anyone's hearts. I loved COD4 but after that game I'm afraid it's been downhill for the COD series. I have a friend who still prefers COD but personally I can't go back to it after experiencing the vehicles, destructible buildings (probably the biggest factor), and more realistic character movement and feel. The FPS don't really phase me because as long as it's smooth I don't mind and I like something a little slower and tactical than COD which is more run-n-gun.

Again if you like COD then by all means play it and have fun. For others there is Battlefield not to mention Killzone, Resistance, etc.

To each his own.

Danielmccue2774d ago

You say that like the two games can't coincide....

I play black ops and bad company 2/Vietnam all the time.

Its not like i have to choose one game and only play that.

JBaby3432774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

I worded it that way because MrSancho stated he only plays COD at present and so for him it's a "this or that" scenario. Of course you can play both if you like but most people gravitate towards a certain style of gameplay.

user83971442774d ago

I also played Resistance: FOM and 2 and I played killzone 2 and 3.
Resistance:FOM is my favorite FPS of all time but R2 was a letdown, CoD is my second favorite.

undercovrr2774d ago

Nobody cares if you prefer COD over Battlefield so don't try to make it seem as us 'battlefield fanboys' give a crap what you think. COD WAS more fun than Battlefield maybe before World at war, but after, it just became a repetitive game with poorer graphics, hacks galore, tons of bugs, and oh lets not forget a community mainly composed of immature teenagers.

So in MY opinion, I think Battlefield bad company 2 was far superior in both gameplay and graphics to COD Black Ops, just as Battlefield 3 will be when compared to COD8

RonXD2774d ago

If you have only played BC, then how in the hell can you comment on the series? You haven't even played a true Battlefield yet.

CoD can keep it's 60 FPS. I'll be playing BF3 at over 60 FPS anyway on the PC. I'll take large maps, destructions, vehicle warfare and the visuals over CoD any day.

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