Random Gaming Thoughts:The Perfect Shooter

Shooters have become the most popular genre in gaming and have seen many sub classes through out its existence. For example you have first person shooters, third person shooters, space shooters, arcade shooters, and military shooters. Each sub class brings its own unique features to the genre. While these features are welcomed by some and shunned by others they have made for some interesting debates and game-play through out the years. I have been a fan of the genre since i was first introduced to it with Wolfenstien and Doom, and have watched how the genre has evolved for better or worse.

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thegamefanatics2800d ago

Shooters are getting's almost like you've played one, you've played em all

BlueEye2800d ago

True. But 4 years ago Infinity Ward came close to bringing a perfect shooter. Alas COD4 was incredible but not perfect by far, and the same goes for its "successors".