March NPD: Xbox 360 remains the top-selling console of 2011

Xbox 360 was the number one console in the U.S. in March 2011, based on console and software sales, as well as ongoing demand for Kinect, the fastest selling consumer electronics device in 60 days.

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LOGICWINS2715d ago

Very impressive considering the 360 came out a year before the Wii and PS3. Amazing how Microsoft is able to keep this momentum.

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gaffyh2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

"MS also does a much better job at reinventing Xbox in the last 5 years than Sony has with the PS3."

Wow, never thought I'd see anyone fall for that BS. If you mean pissing all over their hardcore audience, then you are correct, because Kinect is all casual no matter what they release on it. Just waiting for Gears 3...

eagle212715d ago

Yes, congrats for home consoles, but the Nintendo DS sold 460,000 as the top hardware not including the 400,000 3DS sold. I think Nintendo is happy. :)

Stryfeno22715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )


Let see what the 360 have instore for E3 to countinue this momemtum.

ColecoVision2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

Microsoft may not have had the greatest E3 presentation last year, But Kinect and the redesign of the 360 had an immediate sales impact.

It doesn't even matter who "wins" E3. It's more advertising and marketing than anything else.

Microsoft needs to focus a little more on Europe, forget Japan and keep doing what they'er doing in the states. Europe is a battleground!

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Zir02715d ago

Great job for MS they continue to dominate in the US market and be up YoY even without a pricecut or any major exclusives.

They got the US market on lock.

TBM2715d ago

I do believe the wii has the bigger lead overall in US. Just saying.

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king052715d ago

Can't wait for Gears 3 Beta

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