Capcom has 'at least one more original title' in the pipeline for 2012

Capcom’s David Reeves has teased that the publishing giant has at least one more original IP up its sleeves that’ll release in 2012.

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plb2740d ago

Resident Evil:Black Ops

GodofwarGoty2740d ago

LoL sounds like a Blockbuster hit to me

TurismoGTR2740d ago

marvel vs capcom vs anime..

Dart892740d ago

That's already happened the Operation raccoon city game.

I hope it's MMX9

labaronx2740d ago

i would love for them to reintroduce the megaman x series over xbox live and playstation network

xabmol2740d ago

I just want more Zero!

MMX9 +1

Mystickay862740d ago

I want my Onimusha/BoF series back.

GodofwarGoty2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

that was one of my favourite series from capcom that i enjoyed alot Onimusha 3 and 4 where my favourite it was a great Game i hope they bring it back as well

madjedi2740d ago

Lol yeah that would require capcom to actually give us a game we want, i don't see it happening,

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sonicsidewinder2740d ago

Dino Crisis plox. Without a 3rd person cover system.

SKUD2740d ago Show