Wii Successor Must Launch By This Christmas, says Analyst

Wii 2 rumors have been flying of late, and today the speculation reached a new high, based on multiple sources claiming that a new HD Nintendo console would be announced at E3. Many would argue that a new Nintendo console has been long overdue. The Wii's been declining in sales, software support has dried up, and the competition has better motion controllers. One analyst told IndustryGamers that Nintendo better launch a Wii successor by this fall/holiday or else.

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donniebaseball2800d ago

If they actually could produce a decent games lineup for the thing, they wouldn't need a Wii 2 yet. But no one wants to support it anymore.

afterMoth2800d ago

If it is 2012 (Late) , it really needs to have graphical abilities on par with the xbox720 or even better PS4.

If 2011, I could see them getting away with 360 graphics, though I'd prefer to be quite a bit better and be at least as good as PS3 graphics.

MostJadedGamer2800d ago

Well it is going to be a or else because do way does the Wii 2 will make it out this year, and it would be foolish to try to rush it out. In fact rushing a console out can really backfire.

wwm0nkey2800d ago

Very interested in this.

They need to do what they are doing with the 3DS though and market it twords that casual and hardcore at the same time unlike the Wii where it was all casual.

kesvalk2800d ago

it's funny how they don't put patcher name on the article anymore...

donniebaseball2800d ago

Lol, pachter wasn't even in the article! They used other analysts

kesvalk2800d ago

i still think it's patcher...

plb2800d ago

Analysts talk too much...

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The story is too old to be commented.