Can Duke survive in a modern world?

4Player asks if the great aspects of Duke 3D are being forgotten and replaced with the more womanizing tendencies of the series. And if these tendencies will be accepted in an older, more female, gaming population.

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kyl2772797d ago

Of course he can, it's Duke Nukem ffs.

TheMutator2797d ago

ohhh god more stupid duke nukem post!!!!!!

e-p-ayeaH2797d ago

The question is: can the world survive with a modern Duke?

awnser: probably not that´s why he makes his own world instead.

Dsnyder2797d ago

Duke Nukem is just a terminator tipoff that may have been cool in the 90's when overly manly men with buzzcuts were all the rage but we need more today than just micheal bay theatrics. Duke Nukem should throw in the towl before it embarasses itself

Ducky2797d ago

"we need more today than just micheal bay theatrics."

Aren't most FPS games just linear MichaelBay productions?

Pozzle2792d ago

You do realize the point of Duke Nukem is that he's a PARODY of 80s/90s action movies like Terminator, right?

MrDead2797d ago

The Duke is like a 1980s action star, hes an asshole, a sexiest, stupid and thinks the answer to every problem is to shoot at it with progressively bigger guns.....

...I cant wait, this game is going to be f**king awsome.

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