Analyst: NGP Will Likely Have More Success Than PSP

In addition to being impressed with Uncharted 3 in 3D, EEDAR's Jesse Divnich also had plenty to say concerning Sony's Next Generation Portable (NGP).

One of his "Key Takeaways" from the event was the following: their recent hands-on session confirmed the original analysis that the NGP will do better in the market than its predecessor. Third-party support will be crucial to the platform's success and although Sony has only announced one such title (Call of Duty), Divnich expects "all major third-party publishers to announce support at E3 2011."

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ComboBreaker2803d ago

it's very easy to develop for, meaning it'll cost less to develop for too. That'll attract a lot of developers, resulting in a lot of great games.

Winning is a definate thing.

blackburn52802d ago

Why does everyone always talk about the PSP in such a negative light? It had quite a few stellar games,it was a solid piece of hardware, it sold 60 million units and is still selling and it was one of the few handhelds that remained after the others died out. But people always talk about it like 'Oh yeah. The PSP. Isn't that dead yet' kind of attitude.