More Wii successor talk - evidence indicates more powerful than PS3/360, pre-E3 announcement, more

Even more information has surfaced about the Wii's successor - power, pre-E3 announcement, controller talk, and a tease from the official E3 Twitter.

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Karooo2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )


seems great wii2, it should have 6gig ram lol

afterMoth2799d ago

More powerful than a 5 year old system? I'm supposed to get excited. If I wanted a WII with PS3 graphics I'd buy a PS3 and get move.

This needs to be significantly better than the PS3 graphically.

Ok, I'm a sap, I'll probably be thrilled to play Mario, Zelda, Metroid in HD. I'm really hoping to see a rebirth of many games from the SNES era..

cakeisalie2799d ago

Agreed, PS3 today would get surpassed by a 80USD GPU multiple times. Even if nintendo tries to deliberately butcher the next wii it should still be more powerful then the current HD consoles.

No excuse why a New console roling out at 250-300usd shouldnt 4-5times more powerful then the PS3 or Xbox 360.

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Ranshak2799d ago

Hell yea all of us know great gwafix cant be acheived without bluray /s

Ever wondered why PCs are capable of doing 1080 and beyond in games yet they dont have bluray, while the platform that uses the bluray the most only has 5% of its games in 1080p.

pangitkqb2799d ago

Awesome news! It's def time for a Wii replacement. I would love to game in HD on a Nintendo console, especially a rebirth of some classics.

Highlife2799d ago


Yeah woohoo another generation of nintendo rehashing its old franchises.

how about new games next gen from nintendo.

KingDustero2799d ago

Having a more powerful console means nothing. I myself don't like Nintendo's franchises anymore. Nintendo is just stuck in the past. They're still making SP only games that aren't long at all. There has also been very little innovation in games. Shaking a controller instead of pushing a button is not innovation.

Unless they have a TON of great new modern franchises that have everything a typical current gen game has, then I MIGHT be interested.

I just don't care about ANY of Nintendo's franchises anymore. They're all pretty dull now IMO. Having a better looking dull game isn't going to make me buy the system.

I'll stick with Sony myself. This is great news for Nintendo fans, but Nintendo isn't going to be able to bring me back now with a new console no matter how powerful it is.

lizard812882799d ago


I agree 10 fold. The wii gets shoddy ports and crap from bigger companies & gets shafted on games, then they try to make a substitute game and then fail.

The wii didn't get Dead Space 1 or 2, but it got extraction, which was a piece of garbage. The wii didn't get RE5 or well, most of Capcom's multiplat games, instead wii get 2 RE rail shooters.

This is because the wii is vastly underpowered in terms of hardware. If they do the same thing, by going by last generation, it is going to suck & get shafted again. I want the wii2 on the same grounds of the ps4 and whatnot. Not last gen.

The wii is more or less dead now. Last Story & Xenoblade should skate through, but what does the wii have left? Both Zelda & Kirby are coming out in the holidays. I can assume both LS & XB will do the same, 3Q or 4Q. For now the wii has nothing. the CON2 got pushed back until summer. I use my wii more for the internet than gaming.

pedrami912799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

"I want the wii2 on the same grounds of the ps4 and whatnot. Not last gen." Not gonna happen. Im not saying i know how the powerful the PS4 will be but i really doubt Nintendo will make a successor to match another successor being made by another company that is known to go for pricey pure cutting edge technology.

And even if it did, could you imagine the price for that thing ?

AWBrawler2799d ago

@ Lizard

first time I ever disagree with you,pal. I think Wii still has plenty life left mostly motion plus things. Why would Big N release a wii play motion and not release some motion plus heavy games? Skyward sword won't be the only game to use Motion plus! My money is on E3 showing us a new franchise, a revival of some old classic by Retro, and Starfox!

The Wii still has at least 2 years left in it.

N4g_null2799d ago

Brawl the wii isn't going any where it's just going to be the other gateway drug now like the old game boy.

I will tell you this though the next console is the only console where you can release a very clean hd simple looking game and a super omg hd monster and watch them both sell stupid amounts. Wait till you see your old games running on this thing.

You see this is why I like nintendo. They knew their engines for the GC where running on weak hardware and had they listen to factor 5 and others the GC would have been the wii and we would be play an hd nintendo console with all games running in real hd because you know it is possible. I wanna say it will be around 300-400ish or at least iPad level price wise.

Why does this make sense? The 3ds does hd like game assets now so porting will be a joke. Pubs love the idea.

Don't be mad if they confirm and don't show any thing at E3. Why ms is work on the next box. Also notice how the next wii or de was going to use arm chips? Did you see how fast Sony got a NPG with them up and running?

Lots of teasing is coming but next gen will be the true hd gen. Almost pc level.

badz1492799d ago

I think HD games production cost should have been down significantly compared to 2006. the successor for the Wii will definitely be a HD console but will it be more powerful than PS3/360 is still within the doubt. knowing that Nintendo's way of doing business now is profiting from the get go basing on Wii and DS, I think we will never again get to see Nintendo shooting for the top spot in terms of power! I would like them to prove me wrong though.

susanto12282799d ago

I agree here, this is a stupid article. More powerful like you said than systems that have been around for a while???? So what Nintendo Xbox or whatever they will call it 720 and PS4 will BLOW YOU AWAY nintendo! Let's get ready for all the NEW HD titles from nintendo, Mario Bros, Kirby HD, Donkey Kong HD, The next Zelda title, etc etc, same shit just rehashed for the next sucker generation have at it boys and girls.

Merivigian2798d ago

I have no freaking clue why people are assuming it's going to be a Wii 2.. Nintendo already stated that it's not going to be an HD Wii...

Reibooi2798d ago

I have concerns about this whole thing. If it's true that Nintendo is making a new more powerful console why would they be getting ready to talk about it now? The 3DS just came out and even though one is a hand held and one is a console it's no stretch to think they could cannibalize each other in sales(that's assuming this new console comes out in a year or so)

Even if that isn't the case I have to wonder why they have not made the new Zelda as a launch title for the new console. If this is true and it's happening it means Nintendo has been planning it for quite awhile. Before Skyward Sword went into development or soon after anyway. You would think that they would make perhaps their biggest franchise one of the launch titles for a new powerful console. Out of all the franchises Nintendo has Zelda is the best one to use to show off the power of a console(think something like Twilight Princess but way better looking) It makes alot of sense.

It's interesting though I wonder what will happen come E3 and if all this turns out to be true we will hear about the thing before then. Until we get word from Nintendo however I will not be holding my breath.

sinclaircrown2798d ago

You guys could be in for a shock. I started gaming back on the NES when Nintendo was King!

They could have gone the way of Sega when the PS came on the scene. But they kept trying, and after GC it was just about over for them. They either had to fold, or make something that was cheap enough to sell to the masses and make some bank.

Now, they sell a a crap load of Wii's, probably broke their target by a ton too.

Then, they get to sit and watch MS and Sony fight it out. Hopefully while keeping an eye on what gamers want most from those machines. Now they get a head start on the next gen, and can include everything from Wii, PS3, 360, plus whatever else they have up their sleves.

You can laugh, but if Nintendo REALLY does want to recapture the hardcore gamers, MS and Sony could also be in for a VERY big surprise.

And yes, they may rehash more Mario, Zelda, Metroid etc, but lets face it. 99% of games people are looking forward to on PS3 or 360 are sequals anyway.

I think Nintendo played their cards just right, and could dominate once more.

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malamdra2799d ago

Nintendo are cheap bastards, they would never spend that much for Mario and Zelda games, which BTW don't need much power to look good

-Alpha2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

True, but why would they try to compete with two already big names? It seems like a risky move.

They took the smarter route going cheaper.

I like their core franchises, they are always fun to play. Graphics aren't the best, but gameplay always makes up for that in any situation.

Of course, it's about high time they standardize graphics and online to today's expectations, but I think they will always remain the cheaper alternative, and that's a smart move for them. So long as they have the games to back it up, that's all that matters to me.

TheDivine2799d ago

Not true nin hav had powerful consoles, psx was 32 when nin had 64 bits. Gamecube had more power than a ps2. Gamecube had tons of great games tales, MGS twin snakes, prime, wind waker, re4, re remake, baiten kados exc. The wii has great games like cursed mountain, okami, last story, xenoblade, fragile, mh tri on top of nin great first party games. Add in all the multis plus exclusives goin to the best console it would kill unless they dont get rid of the stupid friend codes WTF they thinking?

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Jamegohanssj52799d ago

Lol I guess this is their equivalent to making a new version of all of their handhelds.


zeal0us2799d ago

I find this hard to believe, nintendo never been about power, if its(wii 2) more powerful than the ps3 than won't it generally cost more....oh well hopefully it will bring success for them peace out

DrVosknocker2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

WRONG, they were actually always about power. Up to the Gamecube, which for its time was very powerful. If you were older you'd know that. NES was more powerful than the Master Drive, the SNES was significantly more powerful than the Genesis. If the N64 had a CD drive, it would have blown PS1 away. They just realized they could repackage the gamecube with a silly remote and sell like crazy.

zeal0us2799d ago

thanks for the history lesson DrVosknocker it was much needed...moving on to something more meaningful peace

davidrx72799d ago

dr v your wrong, the nes was not more powerful than the sms, but if you researched youd know that, and nintendo was working with sony on a cd add on, that fell out with philips taking over , sony went on to ps1 and on to crush the n64

metsgaming2799d ago

lets just say it is more powerful than the ps3 or xbox. It wont be significantly more powerful. By the time it comes out we may hear about a new xbox or playstation. So really it doesnt matter if its more powerful because sony and Ms are going to destroy it like a year later. (graphics wise)

Legionaire20052799d ago

I Expect Next Gen to have graphic chip upgrades like the PC. If The Wii 2 can do that than Nintendo don't have to worry about Sony and Microsoft owning them in graphics(Wishful thinking).

dragunrising2799d ago

It should also have more than 512 MB of internal flash memory :-)

I'm very happy that I'll be able to transfer any DSi downloadable games to my 3DS in the future. I hope they allow the same file/license transfer between Wii and Wii 2.

The Wii in HD or equivalent to PS3/360 would be enough to convince most casual gamers to buy. If they include achievements/trophies/rewards, etc, compelling online and a cool game play gimmick they will nab the hardcore gaming audience as well.

I love my Wii, but it feels dead in comparison to the PS3/360/Steam in regards to community. If Nintendo builds out a compelling online service I will buy the Wii 2. PSN, LIVE and Steam are the way to go; they should copy the best features of those services and add a little Nintendo quirkiness to the mix. Its a darn shame that the Wii's online is little more complex than the 10 year old Dreamcast (RIP).

fatstarr2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

Nintendo takes the first move. 1st place next gen :D hopefully its more than slightly more powerful and 3x more powerful at minimum.

madjedi2799d ago

@fat Were talking about nintendo here not sony, nintendo will go the cheap and established route like they did this, it will be as or slightly more powerful than the ps3. But 3x as powerful as the ps3 get real.

fatstarr2798d ago

with todays technology its possible. i know for a fact Nintendo wont use 2011 or 2010 parts. but gpus from 2009 were proven to have more juice than the ps3 and 360.

Otheros002798d ago

Can you share some of those "fact" with us?
From all the articles I've read Nintendo are using parts from 2008.

fatstarr2798d ago

i was close enough in my guess. using the trends Nintendo always uses hardware from 2-4 years back in their consoles.

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n4f2799d ago

im sure its real cause its been a long time since a wii update

DeadlyFire2799d ago

I say Epic is prepping UE 4.0 for the next NES console.

NVIDIA GPU as well I am suspecting. Hopefully a decent CPU.

Rest will line up somewhere. Hopefully on level with other next gen tech. Its not that hard to put together an HD system. So what if it costs the same as the other HD consoles. Wii can still be on shelves for another 5 years as well. That is the cheap option the HD option can cost more.

trancefreak2799d ago

Cool the all new Super nintento 640 bit the way I would of imagined it when I was a kid by now.

morkendo232799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

Wii successor talk - evidence indicates more powerful than PS3/360,

WOULD LOVE TO SEE HD 1080P CONTRA,donky kong,mario etc..

frostypants2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

Goosebumps because they'll finally have hardware slightly better than what everyone else had in 2006? Remember, the Wii is only slightly more powerful than the Gamecube/PS2/Xbox. This sounds like the same old story.

Nintendo needs to step up to the plate. MORE BEEF! Why must they lag behind the curve?

sikbeta2798d ago

It'll be more powerful than the wii, but thing is how much more it'll be?

stragomccloud2798d ago

Seriously! Maybe not 6... but 2 or 4 maybe. The biggest problem developers have with all 3 of the current gen consoles is they have almost noooooooooo ram! Granted they don't need as much because they don't need to run Windows or OS-X, but still. More ram please!!!!

xtremeimport2798d ago

i'd hope it would be more powerful if not as powerful. I mean, Ps3 and 360 will have to update it wouldnt do Nintendo much good to release something less powerful than the current systems for their next system...even though they already did that with the Wii. But the Wii had the advantage/appeal of motion, now all the consoles have that soo the only thing they can do now is power.

frostypants2798d ago

Yeah, the Wii2 specs sound like it will be marginally more powerful than the PS3/360, but around the time it's released, the PS4/720 (or whatever they call them) will be out and likely dwarf these specs.

Once again it looks like Nintendo is staying a generation behind in terms of horsepower. Kind of disappointing, to be honest. Great for the financial bottom line (big profit margin per unit), bad for gamers.

TheMrMadzen2798d ago

That's a motherfucking long title for a post.....

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boogeyman9992799d ago

I would lol if nothing happened at E3.

fatstarr2799d ago

its happening soon though,


frostypants2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

Best part about this is if true, one of the Big 3 are finally firing the first round. This would force Microsoft and Sony to start talking about next gen in order to maintain PR balance.

cochise3132799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

A new Wii might match the power of the hd console, but I doubt it'll surpass them. Nintendo would have to jack the price up. I guess we'll see what happens at e3.

SixTwoTwo2799d ago

Keep in mind that the PS3 and the 360 are both using 5+ year old hardware. Nintendo can easily create a console with superior hardware while maintaining a low price point. The big question everyone is asking is what are they going to do with their online setup.

cochise3132799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

Yeah, their online needs some serious work although they have gotten better. The 3ds has a pretty decent online. the friend codes suck though. Online is huge this gen, and I expect it to be massive next gen also, so Nintendo better get on the ball.

SixTwoTwo2799d ago

Agreed. How Nintendo handles the online infrastructure could potentially make or break this new console. Especially if their goal is to recapture the hardcore crowd.

AWBrawler2799d ago

wasn't it rumored that theire new Nintendo would be upgradable

Solidus187-SCMilk2799d ago

you think the wii2 will use DVD or a 2x bluray dirve, 512mb of ram, and have 5+year old GPUs??? Maybe

fatstarr2799d ago

i think the successor to the 3DS would

Majors2799d ago Show
Dart892799d ago

Honestly if Nintendo does announce a new console how many of you will buy it day one??

plb2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

Depends really. I enjoyed the NES/SNES because it offered variety and hardcore titles. If it's just going to be another Wii with improved graphics I'll pass. I'm inclined to believe that given the Wii's success they will stick to that formula.

StanSmith2799d ago

I would. I Love Mario, Donkey Kong and Star Fox. They are up there with Uncharted & Gears in terms of fun for me. Only the mario bros and adventure games though. None of that olympic shit etc.

Danielmccue2799d ago

Depends what launch games it has.

i'm not gonna buy it day one if it has no good games i want out at launch.

if it does have good games out at launch i WIll buy it day one.

house2799d ago

agreed i would buy it day one if it had top notch games not to mention new ips which is really needed from Nintendo

trancefreak2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

I think this would actually be a perfect time for Nintendo to jump into the big league.

Totally revamped system out performing current consoles.

All the multiplats of the current gen consoles enhanced or better along with in-house development.

I can list a lot more but could you Imagine all the folks ready to get some new next gen gaming?

Nintendo has nothing to loose on this the wii is slowing and they'll have a console that can do it all now. It would actually be a brilliant move IMO.

madjedi2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )


"Totally revamped system out performing current consoles." Which would require a massive reversal of it's viewpoint of online gaming/online social interaction.

Giving their version of marketplace/psn store the seriousness and commitment it deserves and getting rid of the video game console only concept, like sony and ms have.

2nd pc out performs both the ps3 and 360 daily, you don't see many console owners caring much about that either. 3rd hardware is worthless without the software to back it up, going by past gens 1-2 yrs before the real good exclusives hit.

"All the multiplats of the current gen consoles enhanced or better along with in-house development." On a console manufacturer known for poor 3rd party software sales, then the wii mote will have to be optional, since 80-95% of current multiplatform games use no waggle period.

And buying the same games you played 2-3 yrs ago again for 59.99, just in 1080p and 60 fps if nintendo even doesn't cheap out on the hardware again, anything over $19-29 per game is pushing it. I think your letting your imagination run away from reality.

Even if the new nintendo's hardware is more powerful than the ps3/360, it has a alot of catching up to do, before it even catches up to the ps3/360, let alone out perform either.

trancefreak2798d ago

I disagree with ya man because plenty of games have been recycled look at the xbox exclusives like mass effect and bioshock as an example being ported to the ps3. Mass effect 2 was a year old game. Im going by trend here.

Now everything we as gamers can say is opinionated until we get the final details from the big N. But speculation is always fun.

The pc example you give is smart because it applies in my case. I bought a gaming rig built it and Im happy with having high end hardware with a console. Just depends on games I would like to play.

But their are those that love to have that next console that is why I gave the 360 example. People were selling that thing on ebay for around $1,500 because it was the next big thing when it was released. I even bought 1 at retail. Those current consoles where getting old just like what we have here and next gen began.

Also your point about game being remade in hd, well it is going on right now. Just look at the games in hd remakes like tomb raider god of war series xbl, Sega dreamcast games. They dont have to be call of duty black ops for $59.99 but I wouldn't put that past activision as being the exception here.

But I dont see I where I said I would see 2-3 year old games going to the next Nintendo. I definitely wouldn't buy that sh1t.

The biggest thing Im saying is now Nintendo could be apart of the hd club. Instead of their gimmicky little system which sold well but isn't for gamers like me.

Anyways well see what the future beholds. I haven't seen Nintendo attempt a powerful system since N64.

I just think IMO that people would buy it if it was a real step up. Therir are always people who want it if its new. I think Nintendo could get away with releasing a powerful console now to compete with the ps3 and xbox.

The only real problem I do see happening is that unless this thing is built for tue next gen then next consoles will totally out perform it hardware wise.

Nintendo s Wii was a phenomenon do you think their luck could strike twice?

But the one thing i will note is whatever they are selling Im not buying. Im very happy with my PS3 and Ill wait for the PS4 before I upgrade to another console.

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