DualShockers: Moon Diver Review

AP writes, "Moon Diver is one of those games that really frustrates me. It’s not because the co-op beat-em-up is terrible, because it isn’t. It’s not because the graphics are dreadful, because they aren’t; they’re actually quite pleasing.

No, it frustrates me because it’s so utterly mediocre, and any potential that it might have had is completely ruined by its blandness and lack of any real passion in the final product. It certainly doesn’t help when there are a few critical gameplay mistakes that just feel like developers feelplus really don’t give a crap about making good video games."

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GOODKyle2805d ago

I downloaded the demo and really liked it. I planned on buying it later at some point. However, I absolutely hate doing long periods of gaming over again. If I have to do a half and hour's worth of work to reach a boss that has the odds in his favor everytime...count me out.

thekiddfran2805d ago

What a bollocks review. Ye should be ashamed of yourselves.

JoelT2805d ago

Why don't people realize that reviews are OPINIONS?

SixTwoTwo2805d ago

Yeah and his opinion of your review is that it sucks.

mushroomwig2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

Reviews are not just opinion pieces, they're a great place to start when you're considering buying a new game.

For example, if a reviewer states how a certain game suffers from glitches (ala New Vegas) then that's not an opinion and it's something games should know about before playing.

On the other hand, if the reviewer states how the controls are awkward or the story is cliched..then that can be considered an opinion.

Although I have to say that this review does seem to more focused on his own opinion than anything.

booni32805d ago

So, be ashamed because they dislike Moon Diver? If you really believe that, then it is you who should be ashamed.

allenhpark2805d ago ShowReplies(1)
iiprotocolii2805d ago

The reports are amazing. Giving a game 1/10 is ridiculous? If a game lacks the polish and quality that it should have, and the reviewer feels as if it didn't deliver as a *quality* product in his opinion, then he has every right to give the game a 1/10. Or should we just sway away from telling the public that a game is horrid, and continue to perpetuate the notion that each game should at least deserve the minimum of 7's, rendering them "good." Absolutely not. If a game isn't good, it doesn't deserve the review score of a good game.

What renders a game "good," has been completely skewed. People think that because a game looks completely amazing, and has regurgitated gameplay and plots, or is solely available on their platform of choice, that it is "good." What makes a game great is the lack of familiarity you feel when playing it. The unique presentation and delivery that give it its own personality. Sure, we will have familiar mechanics, but when everything that it does just feels thrown together and unpolished, then a game doesn't merit a good score. This was the case with this review. The writer clearly states his reasons for NOT liking the game -- points that reflect what makes the game bad.

But, of course, you will have loyalists and people like the reporter(s) who don't fully read a review, and, rather than engage in a mature debate of reasoning, whine about how ridiculous writers are for being honest.

Great review. I will still buy the game to check it out. ;)

JohnColaw2805d ago

Well said and very true. I talked to Allen a few times while he was writing this review, and his experiences were nothing short of frustrating. Everything in that review reflects how he felt about the game, and it got a score he felt it deserved.

The scale is 10 points people, not 7-10.

RyuCloudStrife2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

The game is great, beautiful art-style graphics, awesome music that goes with the flow BTW awesome game flow!!, VERY FUN SPECIALLY CO-OP, awesome bosses HUGE and engaging battles, good character progression as you level up etc...

Awesome game period. BS review period.


CharlesDCI2805d ago

Opinion or not, giving the game a 1/10 was done for attention purposes. A game being scored that low goes beyond your personal opinion of it, it has to be LITERALLY broken as well.

iiprotocolii2805d ago

So your pretty much saying that anyone who justifies their review, and gives it a 1/10, is pretty much doing it to be sensationalists for the hell of it? So, I'm assuming that when people give movies, books, broadway shows, etc. horrible reviews, they just want to stand out? How about taking a second to look back and see their reasoning behind it? You're living by the standard that numbers dictate a review, not that the fact that their opinion merits their overall decision of the quality of the product.

A game doesn't have to broken to be bad. It just has to be bad. Ever played X-Blades? How about Superman for the N64? Or ET for the Atari 2600? Finished games, but games that were horrid in the eyes of critics.

It's a catch twenty-two. If a someone says a game is good, and someone goes and buys it and thinks it sucks, reviewers get flamed for it. If a reviewer is being honest in his opinion as why the game is flawed and isn't good, they get flamed for it. Take it as it, folks -- and opinion. You have every right to argue it; but do so intelligently and provide feedback as to why you thought the game didn't deserve that score.

allenhpark2805d ago

Nope, I genuinely feel like this is the worst game I've played in ages, and I tell you exactly why in the review.

The game itself is mediocre, but I cannot stand when a company coasts through a game's development and expects the general public to just buy into it because "OH HEY THE GUY WHAT DID STRIDER DID THIS ONE", or "LOOK AT DEM PURTY GRAPHICS".

It lacks any sense of passion or love, and feels like nothing but a cashgrab. The 1/10 is so hopefully feelplus recognizes the shite job they're doing and changes SOMETHING in their next future projects.

CharlesDCI2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

Here is where I think you proved my point for me.

You just said the game mechanics are mediocre, but I'm sorry you don't give a game you believe is "just ok" or "meh" a 1. You also seem to have a problem with feelplus coasting off of superficial reasons, hoping you will use them to justify your purchase. I totally agree that a company shouldn't try to distract you from the important aspects of a game. However, these kind of politics should not play into your judgment of the actual game mechanics, which you just said yourself is "mediocre".

Not trying to be offensive, but you do know what mediocre means right?

If a 1 to you is mediocre than a 10 must be heart attack inducing lol. Like I said before I think you knew a 1 would draw more attention than giving it a 4 or a 5. Not hating you for it, just being honest.

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