High NGP Pricing Hinted at By Jack Tretton?

"During a recent conversation with Sony Computer Entertainment America's President and CEO, Jack Tretton, Jack stated the following: "I don't think price makes or kills a platform". While Nick may be able to agree with this quote to some extent, Nick has a feeling Jack is preparing us all for the announcement of NGP's official retail price."

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Nick2120042775d ago

My prediction is that Sony will announce the wi-fi only version at the price of $349.99 and 3G/wi-fi version for the price of $399.99 during their E3 2011 Press Conference.

RememberThe3572775d ago

I hope not, that would suck. 300 or no go.

jriquelme_paraguay2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

impossible... it is a ps3 portable.
portable tech cost a lot.

compare a laptop and pc with same specs

a08andan2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

Well I would accept it if a deal like "Buy 1 game get 1 for free" came along with it :P Or some PSN redeemable codes of some sort :)

My limit will probably be around $400-$450, but it feels like it is probably gonna be 250-300 for Wifi only and 350 for wifi+3G.

RememberThe3572775d ago

True. The PS2 was like 149 when the PSP launched at 299. The more I think about it the more it seems like it's gonna be 399 :( not cool.

nycrekid2775d ago

This article is kind of reaching no? How is "I don't think price makes or kills a platform" translated in the NGP will be high price?

I_find_it_funny2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

I will not pay for handheld more than 300usd, and thats a high price. I like NGP but for 350, a definite No Thank You

I would probably still wait for first price cut, hsndhelds are far from must have since launch for me

Shang-Long2775d ago

looks like i cant get it until the 2nd price drop :/

HolyOrangeCows2775d ago

What a LAME article. 2 sentences of far reaching speculation from an old Jack Tretton quote.

smoothdude2775d ago

Look at how much people are willing to pay for the iPhone without a contract. IMHO, the iPhone is an overpriced POS, the NPS would give you more value even if it were selling for 400+ dollars.

jetlian2774d ago

where you at psp was 250 in usa

inveni02774d ago

I would be surprised to see $249 at the low end. I think that we'll see it at $299 at least. You can't even buy an iPhone 4 (without contract) for $299, and the NGP is waaaaaay more advanced.

Muffins12232768d ago

well then looks like youll be getting a 3ds :D,I acully thought a price for this would be 500 considering the specs in it

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Arksine2775d ago

IMO it will follow the tablet model, which puts a $100 premium on 3G....$299 for WiFi only, $399 for 3G. Anything more for the WiFi version will not sell. $299 is already steep for a handheld gaming device.

nycrekid2775d ago

How is that steep. I cost double that for a phone with no buttons that don't play real games.

Arksine2775d ago


Different market. Most Smartphone prices are marked up insane amounts to make people feel like they got a good deal when its "only $200 with a 2 year contract". In short, most Smartphone consumers are dumb and dont know any better.

Handheld gaming devices are seen in a different light. Even at $299 access to the NGP is limited for the younger demographic. Most parents wont spend that kind of money on what they see as a toy. Its not like a console that the whole family can enjoy.

If Sony is serious about taking market share from Nintendo they need to be aggressive with their pricing. It wont reach mass consumption until it gets under $200, but at $299 it should have a solid launch which is important. $350 or above and IMO it wont do well with any demographic.

JLeVRT2775d ago

"I dont think price makes or kill a platform"
Look at the PSP... I love that thing, but if it were cheaper... it couldve caught up to the DS.

dragunrising2775d ago

You could also make the argument that the lower cost of DS game development added to the success of that platform. If it costs a few hundred thousand to produce a game and profit rather than a few million, which would you choose? The low dev cost of the DS also contributed to a lot of crap games, so pick your poison I guess.

I can imagine that digital distribution is going to factor into the success of 3DS and NGP in a big way. Aside from DD of larger games, bite sized games are going to contribute to the success or failure of dedicated handhelds. Cell phone gaming has become as successful as it has because of the relative value to cost of the games. Sure, they only last a few hours, but for a dollar thats OK.

lelo2play2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

If it's more then 299€... then they can keep it.

Good price would be 249€

Great price3 would be 199€

Etseix2775d ago

dude thats really low, that would not be a "great price" that would be the deal of the year when talking about handhelds , i go 250 - 300 :)

jneul2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

199....not even 3ds is that cheap dude, you forget how much the ngp has in it and yes its way more advanced than you could ever realise

i predict 299 for ngp standard, 349 for wifi/3g model, either way i want one as it's just to awesome to pass up on one, pricing will decide whether i have to wait a year or not lol:-p

dragunrising2775d ago

Sounds about right to me. Everyone hopes for the best price possible, but you have to keep in mind that quality comes with a cost. If the NGP is more expensive than $350 I probably won't buy it right away. If its more expensive, it will turn off a lot of other people as well but will still nap the early adopters. I usually count myself among them, however $400 bones for a handheld is too pricey for me.

The other day I was thinking about Playstation Suite on top end Android phones and wondered if we will see any Android apps on the NGP. That would be pretty sweet. If my day dream becomes reality I might sell my iPhone and buy a feature phone for just phone calls. The more features they pack into NGP, the more likely I'm willing to pay a lot more for it.

Scary692774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

My limit is $300 depending on what is being offered for the extra $50 I will think about it.

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DaThreats2775d ago

Id say 300$ and 350$ for 3g

zgoldenlionz2775d ago

man i hope youre right. hopefully sony learned from ps3 launch that pricing matters for mass sales. im sure ill get one as long as its not over 350 but i really think they wont sell very fast if they go over 300 for basic model.

killajd2775d ago

I predict 300.00 for standard and 350.00 for 3g. Im hoping in that range because other wise its gonna be like the ps3 launch issue!!!

ultimate-remag2775d ago

$299 standard ftw!!!! i aint finna pay more for a handheld than i paid 4 my ps3... jus my opinion...

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PSWe602775d ago


PSWe602775d ago


remanutd552774d ago

LMAO you made me laugh man , that was funny , yea i hope its #299.99 , i guess we are gonna find out at E3

Liefx2774d ago

Why are you guys so cheap?

hay2774d ago

Some of us work hard for their money and don't have rich parents who'll buy you anything. You'll learn when you grow up...

Liefx2771d ago

@hay There are also some of us who work hard to get our money. Apparently harder than you if I make minimum and still make enough to not complain about prices.