GameSpot: Inversion Updated Hands-On Preview

GameSpot writes: "In most games, gravity is not your friend. How many times have you attempted a jump that looked easy, only to come up short and fall to your doom? You can blame gravity for that; it's a constant nuisance that keeps us from flying off into space, but not much else. Developer Saber Interactive (creator of TimeShift) has finally had enough and is looking to put gravity to work for us in its upcoming third-person shooter, Inversion. In it, you take on the role of Davis Russel, a husband, father, and cop destined to save the world from an alien aggressor. We recently got to see this game in action and get our hands on all of its gravity-bending mayhem".

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OhMyGandhi2799d ago

sweet. dunno why but this game intrigues me...glad to hear more information about it.