WWE All Stars MovieStinger Review: Good Old Arcade Wrestling at its Best

Paul Curtin of MovieStinger writes: Finally… Finally… (The Rock voice) After years of releasing the same exact professional wrestling game (Smackdown vs. Raw), THQ and WWE have worked together to release a new game that brings back the arcade-style gameplay that made wrestling games a hit in the first place. Featuring a giant roster full of classic WWE Legends and current WWE Superstars, a revamped gameplay system, and a completely different art style, WWE All Stars looks to be the wrestling game fans have always dreamed of. But is All Stars a truly original game worth its $60 price tag, or just a reskinned version of the Smackdown vs. Raw series with a more cartoonish look made to nickel and dime wrestling game fans?

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Dsnyder2804d ago

Did the hulk really used to look like that? I thought he was musular today but he looks like a wimp compared to that pic.

CobraKai2804d ago

No, they're all stylized to look hyper muscular. Even the thin guys look like the Gray Hulk.

Bigpappy2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

I played the demo and thought it was quite good.