BioWare: Unannounced Games Coming To New Platforms

BioWare CEO Ray Muzyka has hinted at broader horizons with the developer's yet-to-be-announced titles.

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NYC_Gamer2715d ago

take it one step at time all the focus should be on mass effect 3 right now

gravemaker2715d ago

EA killed BW, expect some more shooters and dumbed down rpgs

Eternus2715d ago

What is it with you? You seem to infamously troll all Bioware related articles.

DangerTick2715d ago

What's with him is he's telling the truth and people hate it. For me, Bioware's last hope was the Dragon Age series but EA helped them screw that up like their Mass Effect games so the sequel ended up being a medieval spinoff of Mass Effect with Dragon Effect 2.

gravemaker2715d ago

you're probably one of those kids, who know nothing about game history and care only about some bang-bang pew pew kind of shit
i wanna play rpg, i dont want anymore stupid noisy shooters

undercovrr2715d ago

Oh yeah..its EA's fault rite? If what you are assuming is true, how about Bioware who agreed to dumb down their games? If you tell your friend to hit a person in the head, and they do it, who's fault is it?

dragunrising2715d ago

Bioware didn't turn Dragon Age into a Medieval Mass Effect. It took one of the best elements of Mass Effect, the dialog wheel and strong voice acting, and mixed it into Dragon Age. The story of Dragon Age 2 wouldn't have been the same were it not for the strong voice acting. It was very hard not to like Isabella or any of the other characters because of how personable you could be with them.

The biggest problem with Dragon Age 2 was the repetitive nature of many of the missions and reused environments. Every time I revisited the same place for a new quest, a little immersion is lost. Otherwise, I love Dragon Age 2 and I hope that new and innovative features are always shared between Bioware games.

SuperSaiyan42715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

Unnannouced titles coming to NEW platforms? Ok is it me or does that blatantly sound like new consoles??

plb2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

3ds, ngp maybe? that said I didn't see any mention of new platforms in the article so not sure where that is from.

R_A_LEE202715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

Wii? Wii 2?

SuperSaiyan42715d ago

Well I read the article carefully and it does not say coming to new platforms the title is all wrong.

Bioware state that they have new games in the works including new platforms. Now reading it that way clearly doesnt mean new platforms are on the way aka consoles.

Alos882715d ago

I hope they'll announce some new stuff at E3.

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The story is too old to be commented.