5 Real Life Jobs That Are Glamourised By Video Games

Game Podunk Editor, Jamie Donnelly writes, "The media often accuses video games of idolising and encouraging all the evils of the world, whether it be sex, drugs or good old-fashioned violence. Usually I stand against the media, defending our beloved medium far beyond the usual loyalty demands. However, there is an aspect of life that video games have glorified once too often, and I am going to don my crusaders cape and demand developers put a stop to these absurdities. I am talking about the glorification of mundane and menial jobs. These are not bad jobs, and many are vital to a functioning society. These are jobs which video games cause our children to crave and which will only set them up for disappointment when they discover the reality is a forty-year stint of boredom and a terrible pension at the end of it."

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