New The Cursed Crusade screenshots

Atlus released brand new screenshots of The Cursed Crusade.

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sp1deynut2802d ago

...such a blatant ripoff of Assassin's Creed, lol. I guess it's a testament to how successful Ubi's new IP has been, when they've already got imitators/wannabes .

Tex1172802d ago

Im not as quick as you to dismiss this game as an AC imitator.

With ATLUS publishing it (and they typically only publish strange niche titles), Im certianly going to give this game a look.

I would love some more information on it (because it is supposed to come out this summer and there must be some info).

Are there RPG elements? How open are the levels? Good Story? How is the combat? How does the game look in motion?

I want some answers ATLUS!

TheDivine2802d ago

Yea i def dont think its anything like ass creed, maybe your thinkin the first templar or whatever it called. This looks like the crusade era mixed with demons souls to me but just my speculation. Atlus always publishes dark or niche rpgs alot dealing with gothic and supernatural tones and themes. Hope this turns out to be a more western dark rpg def need more like that.

Quagmire2802d ago

How awesome would it be in the end of the game for the main guy to be assassinated by Altair. Lol