GameSpot: Twisted Metal Hands-On Preview

GameSpot writes: "Twisted Metal is Sony's longest running PlayStation franchise and spans more than 15 years, appearing on four different platforms. This year, the series makes the jump onto the PlayStation 3 for the first time. We were at an event to finally put the controller in our hands and take three of the game's multiplayer modes for a spin".

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2799d ago
Masterchef20072799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

NGP NGP NGP Twisted Metal for NGP You know its comming and you know it will be a blast to play on the road.

But for now i will just enjoy the PS3 version when it comes out. The game looks like a blast to play.

Errr is this axel?

Slimshadyn2799d ago

Nah, that's his vehicle though.

Masterchef20072799d ago

I can imagine so because in order to become white he would have had to pull of a Michael Jackson

No offense MJ fans just kidding

ABizzel12799d ago

The only complaint I'm having is that Sweet Tooth and the Dolls seem to be in control of all the vehicles. What happened to Axel's original driver, what happened to Mr. Grimm, where's Twister?

Hopefully the clowns are only for online, and the single player brings the characters back, but what's the point of having them in single player only.