The Best of 3D at The Gadget Show Live

Dealspwn writes: 3D at home is clearly the next big step, as long as we can get a regular supply of quality to make it worth the pricey investment of a new TV. The problem is deciding which type of set to invest in. One with fancy electronic glasses, or one like the new LG range that only need cheap semi-disposable glasses? Or do you want to wait until glasses-free 3D becomes the norm? That’s all on top of the ridiculous amounts of money Sky are charging for 3D programmes; and if you’ve been to your local cinema and been shafted for 5 seconds of 3D in a film, do you care anyway? Or do you buy a high-quality 50-inch HD plasma for the same price as a basic 32-inch 3D TV?

Gaming has a lot of responsibility heaped onto its shoulders to make 3D at home a success, it’s fair to say that the PS3 and Xbox 360 are widely responsible for starting the initial transition into HD TV becoming the norm and they will be vital in pushing more people towards 3D. The game developers are going to have to start to think about what they can actually add to the experience by using 3D though."

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Lamarthedancer2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

I feel like it's too overcrowded on the show now since Pollyanna came onto it.

Anyway Jason usualy just praises the games which are the most popular, not on how good they actually are.

For example I remember when he did a 10 min review/feature on MW2 praising the shit out of it when it came out and gave Uncharted 2 a quick 1 minute feature...I was thinking to myself "WTF"

maniac762800d ago

haha the gadget show is for ur grannie and mum

phello2800d ago

man that show is full of fucktards