Valve Hints at Possible Half Life 3/Episode 3?

Consider the following: Through carefully placed hints and tips, as well as some clever marketing and masking on their part, Valve teases that Episode 3 or possibly Half Life 3 may be upcoming. Through some clever sleuthing, denizens of the internet have drawn a link between the hazy “hacked” Portal 2 information and drawn a handful...

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NinjaCameraman2716d ago

Words cannot describe how awesome I hope Ep3 will be

Eamon2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

It's awesomness will probably overwhelem every living creature..

starchild2716d ago

Oh god I hope it is true. I love Half Life and it feels like it has been forever since Episode 2. I will be a very happy person the day they announce Half Life 3 or Episode 3.

superadvanced2716d ago

i bet they will try to further milk the ancient source engine.

Moragami2716d ago

Source is a highly modifiable engine. Today's source engine is very different from it's original version. I would imagine they've got something pretty special up their sleeves, hell after a wait like this, it better peel wallpaper.

badz1492716d ago

I'm not disagreeing with you but Source Engine is OLD! it's one thing to let more people play your games in its full glory like every other Source's games this gen but even those games look OLD at highest setting! I and I think many fans are hoping Valve will try to push hardware and graphical benchmark like they did before and come out with a new engine already!

Pixel_Pusher2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

Awesome I didn't get a chance to play ep.2 back in the day.

I_find_it_funny2716d ago

I didnt play Ep2 for some weird reason it was freezing at loading screens (loading menus, saves, quick saves) at random. The game itself runned smootly on my laptop

HardCover2715d ago

Yeah Source should be replaced in my opinion. I mean, WoW runs on a modified Warcraft 3 engine (WoW's engine was made over 10 years ago), and that game still does well. Doesn't mean WoW 2 should still use it though....

Give HL3 it's own engine. A legendary successor deserves a legendary upgrade.

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Solid_Snake-2716d ago

i dont think our poor little human bodies could handle confirmed news of half life 3.

please valve could you warn me of a new announcment so i can wrap my self up in cling film just incase i blow up when hearing the news so my organs dont splash on the wall.

Eamon2716d ago

ROFLMAO. Bubbles for the humour.

jy_mrnd2716d ago

First day buy can't wait any longer!

egidem2716d ago

Make it happen Valve, MAKE.IT.HAPPEN.NAO!

DigitalHorror812716d ago

YOU SAID IT! And I'll quote Lonely Island...

"We're going to need a clean-up, on Aisle 3."

Jezuz2716d ago

I just played the orginal half life multiplayer with my friends. Ah the memories

the_best_player2715d ago

Also Half Life 2 Deathmatch is free, the online is crazy :)

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ksense2716d ago

Honestly they really need to announce it at E3 before my head explodes in frustration. even though I am scared because they said they will concentrate on dota2 after portal.

malamdra2716d ago

mark my words: this will be a PS3/PC exclusive

Eyeco2716d ago

um no it will most likely be released across all platforms (pc/360/ps3/mac)

kesvalk2716d ago

and away with your second bubble!

badz1492716d ago

that's very likely to happen. but I think we can expect cross-platform play between PSN-Steam with future Valve's titles as the foundation is there already after Portal 2.

DigitalHorror812716d ago

With the amount of money and time invested, this game needs to reach as many people as possible.

HardCover2715d ago

I'm not gonna mark them down, but I am going to disagree with them.

Steam compatibility will be PS3/PC exclusive. The game won't be.

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ProjectVulcan2716d ago

Its been FOUR bloody years since Episode 2 this October. :-(

However just recently i started Half Life 2 again with the latest fakefactory mod and it looks wonderful. Absolutely dying to play Episode 3 and finish this story arc. The amount of times Vavle have disappointed and frustrated me with announcements not relating to this

DeadlyFire2715d ago

I doubt after 4 years it will be called Episode 3. That is enough time to construct an entire new game engine and be half complete with development of a game on Valve's timeclock. Which itself is typically slow.

I bet they are aiming to tie Portal 2 story into Half-Life 3 blended with what was Episode 3 + Another story part into well Half-Life 3. Its been to long for just an episode to be released. I believe very strongly that Valve is planning on teasing us at E3 with something. Even if its just a crowbar with a 3 mark on it or something.

Lamarthedancer2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

My opinion...I think they'll show something in Portal 2 which will get us excited untill E3 and thats when they'll show us something or announce it.

Even if the trailer is just a black screen with "Half life 3/Episode 3...coming soon" then Alyx saying "Gordon" in her dramatic voice" that would be good enough for me :)

ct032716d ago

The ARG has contained numerous hints at the Borealis, but they may all be Portal related because Aperture Science has the Borealis.

kesvalk2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

what if you get to go to the borealis as chell, and find gordon/alyx there?

that would blow my mind in tiny little pieces of joy...

no, really, that would kill me...

nskrishna22716d ago

@[email protected]
The human brain cannot take such kind of spoilers...if that happens I'll be a valve fan till my last breathe....oh wait...i already am a huge fan..:P

malamdra2716d ago

that would cause my PC screen to be soled with a white fluid

nskrishna22716d ago

That is enough to kill me with happiness...
I'll return as a zombie to play the game

zeal0us2716d ago

hint wth they better be making one dammit, getting kinda ridiculous

jbiz3202716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

once they get rid of marketing for portal 2 HOPEFULLY we'll hear more.

FOCUS on a sick solid single player.. Im hoping they dont bring multiplayer into this.

tdrules2716d ago

HL2 had multiplayer

kesvalk2716d ago

why the 4 disagrees, HL2 really have multiplayer...

nskrishna22716d ago

Half Life 2 death match is fun..:)
And they can always release it later..and knowing valve they'll allow a free download for the deathmatch part of the game