Joystiq: Twisted Metal preview: Something old, something new

Joystiq writes: "Playing the new Twisted Metal for my first time (I didn't personally cover last year's E3 build), I was surprised by just how powerful the feelings of nostalgia were that swept over me. The old characters and vehicles, the old environments, and the old power-ups and weapons -- though updated by the current technology and featuring new elements -- bring back fond memories of many long nights playing split-screen with friends on the original PlayStation".

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skynidas2805d ago

One of my favorite gaming franchises of all time, the characters are so cool, Sweet Tooth is the shit

DangerTick2805d ago

Something old = Axel (of course you don't actually play as him, you choose 1 of 3 characters from the story to use his vehicle).

Something new = Mr. WitchDoctor (not even sure why they're calling him Mr. Grimm considering the shitty design they gave him).

Twisted Metal is yet another example of why you shouldn't reboot games.

ComboBreaker2805d ago

"You know how awesome it felt the first time you took a sledge hammer to a lump of concrete and bashed it into dust? If you’ve ever played a Twisted Metal game, damn right you do."

"...we’re happy to report that it promises to be every bit as sick, offensive, exaggerated and insane-to-the-max that previous installments have been. After spending 4 hours with it, we are in love."

"...the game is full of wickedness."

"...controls handle beautifully. The configuration is mapped extremely well. [The cars] all handle like a dream."

"I loved being able to mash the X button to slam on the brakes, turn on a dime, spin around and send a missile right into the windshield of the guy that has been tailing me."

"[It] is insane. There's a million things happening at once, a million bullets flying your way, and million ways to die. It's pure chaos, but it works. It works beautifully."

" instant classic..."

"...a game so wild that no existing genre type fits it."

"[It] is so balanced that I can't find issue with any of the vehicles. vehicle feels gimped. You truly feel like a badass with nearly limitless power in all of them."

"Eat Sleep Play have created a beast unlike anything we've ever seen."

Twisted Metal.

Der_Kommandant2805d ago

i'm probably one of the biggest Twisted Metal fans out there

This is my most anticipated game of 2011

DarkBlood2805d ago

they wont ship the game with the classic controls because of new players? well if they dont like it then change the controls its not like the teenagers are too stupid to figure it out sigh.....

anyways i cant freaking wait for this game its going to be great

UP2805d ago

these are the new controls if anyone is interested

X - handbrake (used for extremely sharp turns, 180s)
square - accelerate/turbo
circle - brake
triangle - swap special weapon function

L1/R1 - cycle primary weapon selection
R2 - fire primary weapon
L2 - fire secondary weapon

d-pad left - drop mine
d-pad up - EMP shot
d-pad right - shield

Danielmccue2805d ago

X should be accelerate and square should be handbrake.

I hope you can change control schemes.