Gran Turismo 5 vs Dirt 3: HD Screenshot Comparison

"Take a look at this comparison as we pit Dirt 3 and Gran Turismo 5 under gravel and snow tracks. Also pay close attention to the lighting and shadow effects.

***Please note these are gameplay images."

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Kiroe2800d ago

wow, DiRT 3's rally tracks destroy GT5's in the visual department. Now, I wonder about the controls...

plb2800d ago

I wonder which platform Dirt 3 is being shown on...PS3, PC, 360?

waterboy2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

doesnt matter still wont compare to gt5

i hope youve played the game in order to verify your claims

DelbertGrady2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

@waterboy - I hope not. The rally in GT5 is awful, from the invisible walls to the crappy feel of the cars. Feels tacked on.

Dee_912800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

I dont even care
dirt 3 is a day 1 for me
I still love dirt 2

@delbert grady
the invisible walls are only on tracks with huge grass fields or dirt fields etc.
whereas GT5 puts up an invisible wall dirt puts the car back on the track
so its not like you can drive all over the place on dirt and its the opposite on gt

piroh2800d ago

they haven't anything better to do? comparing multiplats vs. PS3 exclusives is just unfair

Dirt 3 - rally
GT5 - all classes

Dirt 3 - about 30 cars (?)
GT5 - 1000 cars

...the power of Blu-ray

jjohan352799d ago

Dirt franchise and GT franchise cater to two different types of driving. They both belong in my gaming collection. If I were to stick to just one racing franchise this entire generation, I'd certainly feel like I wasted good $$ on a driving wheel when I could have used it with so many different games. It's one thing to compare NFS2 vs GT5. But Dirt vs GT5? Come on they both have a place for the racing enthusiast.

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BiggCMan2800d ago

I'm certainly not saying Dirt 3 looks bad, but it's not quite as realistic looking as GT5. It has a lot of bloom and contrast, and you can tell its a video game. Whereas with GT5, you can see a photo of the game and easily mistake it for real life if you look at specific areas. I personally never liked Dirt, but I always admired the graphics. I'm sure fans will be happy with this one.

RedDragan2800d ago

If you edit out the environment you mean?

Because those pictures show DiRT 3 is light years ahead in the environment detail. But I suspect they took screenshots from the PC version.

ASTAROTH2799d ago

Thanks to GAMING BOLT I can reasured how incredible good GT5 really look and just how unfair reviewers were with it. I love Dirt 2 and 3 is day one for me . . . but GT5 is on a league of its own.

Dee_912800d ago

wow i thought that mercedes was real until I saw the gran turismo on his helmet

theonlylolking2800d ago

The cars in granturismo destroy every game but the track you race on and the surrounding area do not look that great.

Dirt 3 has better track graphics and surrounding area but GT5's cars still look more real.

sleepy32800d ago

cars look good. backgrounds however....ugly. The mercedes looks amazing. But the guardrail made with about 1 polygon looks horrible.

Now only if all the cars in the game looked like that. i hate racing my premium cars against ps1 looking standard cars with mirrors that are a just a triangle.

Dee_912800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

i wouldnt say ugly just not over exaggerated to look pretty lol
it looks real to me

the standard cars dont look bad
they just look horrible next to premiums

then there are some that are butt ugly but .. the car itself is usually butt ugly

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upturned22800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

I just looked at the comparison's and you should definitely check out the links I posted. The comparison shots of Dirt3 and GT5 are horrendous and biased as hell.

"Well Dirt 3 looks good but for anybody who has gt5 can see that some of the screen grabs for gt5 are in the driest spots on the tracks
because some sections on the k trail track had me at awe
and same for that snow track"

2800d ago
2800d ago
50Terabytespersec2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

LOL here we go again!..
For some one (me) who plays Hi Fidelity(HD resolution)games on PC at full settings.

This comparison with a stupendous game that nearly pushes NATIVE 1080p (GT5)
against a game that does possibly 720p at best is a ridiculous comparison!!

If the programmers had the skills to push near native 1080p on Dirt, lets see how happy the frame rate would run or all the effects they are aloud. As for now the rough up close detail wouldn't fare at all against GT5 on a 120hz 1080p LCD!!!
No use in all these effects when the overall picture is blurry and rough in action.
Ill take 1080p any time!!
There ,I repeat there is a massive difference from 1080p to 720p
on any LCD by the top makers ,Sony Samsung LG or what not...
It not only is awe inspiring to witness native 1080p, but to experience a game like GT5 or Wipeout HD on one at 42" alone is a game winner.
So stop comparing a weak engine that cant to one that does!!welcome to GT5!HD 1280x1080 upscaled to full 1920x1080) with x2 AA !!! This is where SLI rigged PC's can compare..
Not a game like Dirt on 360 or PS3
Give it up

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JOLLY12800d ago

Man, Dirt 3 is looking good!

ethomaz2800d ago

The first image GT5 looks better... and the second DIRT3 looks better.

The fact the lighting and shadow effects aren't the same in the comparision.

JOLLY12800d ago

You think the WHOLE image looks better? Really?

Dee_912800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

Well Dirt 3 looks good but for anybody who has gt5 can see that some of the screen grabs for gt5 are in the driest spots on the tracks
because some sections on the k trail track had me at awe
and same for that snow track

RedDead2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

I would give it to Gt5 but umm, the trees really do stick out, that image is great besides the trees. That has to be the worst thing about Gt5, the graphics are inconsistant. Either they are unbelievably amazing, or ... ihh

hamburger1232800d ago

without the trees GT5 looks better lol

CobraKai2800d ago

Put GT5's cars into Dirt 3's tracks and I'd be a happy man.

2800d ago
CobraKai2800d ago

Hey... That would actually be awesome, but I was talking about their rally cars:)

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