GameSpy's Assassin's Creed preview: "we're ready to believe in it"

GameSpy spent a day with the limitlessly talented Ubisoft Montreal studio this week:

"Five hours of unrestrained gameplay on a nearly-final build, one skipped reveal, and quite a few answers from Creative Director Patrice Desilets later, we're ready to believe in Assassin's Creed. This studio visit marked the first time that Ubisoft allowed outsiders to play through entire missions, rather than just the murder and escape portions of the game we've seen and played at previous events this year."

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MK_Red4080d ago

While GameSpy says "we're ready to believe in it", I already have all the faith in the world in this masterpiece.

Maddens Raiders4080d ago

it seems a bit contrived like they're going for a bit too much and then you're left with a game that plays more like 'Tony Hawk' in the end? I dunno, the interaction seems a little too gimmicky for my taste and I don't see a ton of blood and all out assault on people, but more or less running, interrogating, spying, climbing and remembering the best escape routes. Not my cup of tea really, but I will take a sniff at it once released. Did anyone else notice the spire pop-ups in the city on the third video? It looked like microwave popcorn it was popping so much.

MK_Red4080d ago

Maddens Raiders, I understand what you say and I'm a big fan of violent M rated games myself (Love Postal 2) but point of Assassin's is not violence or attacking people, it's more of a Theif or Splinter Cell type of game.

marc 19754080d ago

i seen it on tele this mornig on bbc news does look good

PS360PCROCKS4080d ago

This game is going to be very good, especially for a multi-platform game. Thanks Ubisoft for taking your time to make a good game for us, it's nice to know that I can spend $60 and know that someone actually cared and tried to make the best game they could. I'm looking at you EA!!

sandip7874080d ago

yeh im really looking forward to this beast

tocrazed4you4080d ago

Gonna get it when it comes out on launch day.

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