How Should Konami Celebrate Castlevania's 25th Anniversary?

Konami’s long-standing Castlevania franchise will be celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, on September 26th to be exact. But how should Konami actually go on about celebrating such a milestone for one of gaming’s most cherished and respected franchises? Will they take a route similar to Mario’s 25th anniversary last year with the release of Super Mario All-stars? Or will they go all out akin to Capcom and offer up a slew of titles to appeal to the franchise’s many fans; which in this case would be catering to those who love the classic-style titles and those who prefer the lack of linearity found in the more open Symphony of the Night style entries. Join me as I list some personal choices that I would love Konami to make for ‘vania’s 25th anniversary, and yes, the much-demanded Demon Castle Wars title is present.

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GuruStarr782772d ago

A 3DS, PSN or 360 remake of Symphony!!!!!!

Relientk772772d ago

Wow, I can't argue with that. In fact thats a great idea and I hope they listen to u and all the Castlevania fans and do this.

kesvalk2772d ago

a multiplayer remake of symphony for the 3DS.

kagon012772d ago

I want a remastered collection of Castlevania games in a single disc...

RockmanII72772d ago

Super Castlevania 4 for the 3DS digital download store with added 3D effects. It's going to happen to Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island so why not Super Castlevania 4, both were SNES games.

rataranian2772d ago

They can start by not making anymore crappy 3D gow clones.

DelbertGrady2772d ago

Mandatory comment in any article regarding a 3rd person hack & slash action game. Also Castlevania LOS is far from crappy.

Neko_Mega2772d ago

Castlevania SoTN HD remake of the Sega Saturn one, why that one? Because if you do a history check, there is alot of things that were taking out of the Sega Saturn import one.

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The story is too old to be commented.